Saturday, August 07, 2010

I can't believe school just about to start again. where did the summer go? Cami's going to be a (gulp) Senior. Taylor's hitting the Jr. High scene as a 7th grader. Josie gonna be in 3rd. Here's a few things that have happened this summer (starting with most recent events)....

We went out to watch the Craig Treinen Jazz Quartet play out at Shawnee Lake. The weather was miserable but the music was great. I took a shot of Josie and Taylor at the nearby fountain on our way out:

In early July we had another train wreck a couple miles from our house. Same spot as the previous wreck but no bridge collapse this time. i don't think i eer heard what caused it. This is a photo i stitched together showing the whole wreckage:

Luckily the rain stopped in time for a fireworks show:

Josie participated in cheer camp again this summer. She came away with a spirit stick and a trophy. She was adamant that she did NOT want to do camp this year. ya, right:

The highlight of the summer happened at 14,036 feet. Taylor and i (and his youth group) climbed Mt. Sherman near Leadville, Colorado:

in late April and Early May both our 'barn cats' gave birth to kittens. This white one is Josie's favorite. She was the runt but man is she fiesty! she's pouncing on her mother in this photo:

We were able to take a mini vacation to Great Wold Lodge near Kansas City. It was our first time. It was a great time for a reasonable cost. we started the trip with Josie getting strep throat (we stopped by the doctors office on our way out of town). i stayed with her in the hotel room the first night:

We also made a getaway to Legends Mall for Memorial Day. it sour second annual trip:

Cami went to Prom in May. She wanted to take a picture with Josie:

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