Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorry for the delay

Geez, i'm never gonna find the time to update this site regularly i guess.

Josie was released from the hospital the day after surgery and has recovered well - save one issue. her face has a reaction to the tape or adhesive they use during surgery. this breakout typically goes away in a matter of days. it didn't this time. we tried some ointment to knock it out. it seemingly got better but is now broken out again and is a little different in appearance. as i write this blog, Tracy is on the way to the dermatologist with Josie today to get his opinion. (i'd like to say i'll update you as soon as i find something out - but let's be real - i fail at that over and over, ha!) [update: Josie's recent break out was actually a type of psoriasis that's temporary. it was in response to the original reaction she had to the tap/adhesive. The Derm Dr gave us some cream and the breakout is gone now.]

Let's see, how many other things have happened since my last blog? it feels like a ton. i've been working on refacing the kitchen cabinet doors for what seems to be more than a month now. that is finally done and now i need to tile the backsplash.

This is the before (i already had the doors off)

This is the after (or after, still in progress)

We (State workers) began our furloughs this month. two down and two to go. having just one a week is better on the paycheck, but when it comes to stuff like working on the house (which is all i do it seems) - i would just assume have all four of them in one week. i could get so much more done! but hey, with the way the State budget is looking for this next fiscal year, i may get that opportunity afterall - possible a number of those week-long opportunities.

Taylor has begun baseball. his first three games (in three consecutive days) are this Thursday thru Saturday! and the way the weather is shaping up, there is a good chance all three could get rained out! This is a new team for him this season, but with some of his old teammates. he is identified as one of the pitchers, and at least in practice has spent the other time in the area of short stop and third. he really loves this new coach. he's one i have admired (the way he coaches) since i first saw him back in Taylor's T-Ball days. so i'm pleased Taylor got on his team this year. Taylor is pitching well. He is pitching faster, but he has to watch the accuracy. though slower last year, his strike accuracy was at least 75%. His cousin Tyler has been his pitching coach. [Update: first game was rained out. Taylor pitched the first 4 innings of the second game and held the opponents to 1 run. Unfortunately we lost in the end. The Third game Taylor was warming up to pitch but the game was called on run rule (in our favor) before he could get in there.]

Last Saturday Tayolor participated in the Wright Flight Program. through achieving educational goals this year and testing, he got to take a ride in a one-engine plane (and halp fly it) out of Billard Airport. this year was the largest group the school's had. it is a great program for the kids. unfortunately, it's one that is facing the budget chopping block. that's unfortunate.

Taylor with his pilot

Taylor snapped this of our high school football and baseball fields.

And for Cami - poor Cami. earlier last week she managed to break her nose by self-inflicted contact with her own knee. ya, that's right. i'm still fighting the urge to believe there's a larger story with that, ha! but anyway, she had surgery this morning to fix it (her nose was crooked and making it hard to breathe through it). the surgery went fast and her nose looks great! and it appears she will get the outer splint off just in time for prom.

and for Tracy and I? that's one of those areas easy to neglect and before you know it, it's been months since you had a date night. i think the last time we went out, officially was the Nebraska weekend in over Valentine's Day for John and Stasi Eldredge's book tour. Regardless of how hectic it is around the house and how full our plates are, we (I) really need to make 'away time' a priority for us. aside from that we are doing well - oh, and besides the sinus infection Tracy's dealing with right now. my back's been killing me from all the work and little rest. maybe all the expected rain days will be God's way of letting me slow down - if i'll let myself! [Update: this photo i took on Valentines Day as we make a pit stop on the way home from Nebraska.]

okay, HOPEFULLY, i'll get some pictures pasted in here for you as well in the near future. if there isn't any when you're reading this, just check back. [i finally got pictures added, and only a few days after the post - wow!]