Monday, March 29, 2010

Surgery Day Two

Josie got discharged around noon Saturday. We got home and Josie settled in just in time to watch K-State get knocked out of the championship run. :(

Josie is doing well - although she's spent about every waking hour playing the new game she got for her DS. She's been itching quite a bit and we found out Sunday that she's allergic to one of her medications so we got that changed later in the afternoon. We'll keep her home from school for a couple days. The doc doesn't want her participating in gym for 4-6 weeks! and no backpack! we may have to find her one on wheels again - but it's so close to the end of the school now... we may try to work something else out.

thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

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Denise Shewmake said...

Glad Josie is doing well and that her doctor is being so personable. Definitely makes a difference. I am praying for her speedy recovery. She appears to take everything in stride, which is GREAT! Love you guys!