Friday, March 26, 2010

Surgery Day One

Last night Tracy and I took Josie and her best friend to Chuck-E-Cheese for some fun before the surgery.

I stayed up watching the AWESOME, double overtime, K-State win over Xavier last night. I didn't get to bed til around 11:45, then had to get up at 3:00 to get ready for the drive to the hospital. This photo is of Josie and I in the waiting aread. Then I dressed up in the white jumpsuite with booties, hat and mask to carry Josie to the operating room. i hold her while she's goes under. Last time i got a little too close to Josie's face and started feeling the effects of the anesthesia - whoops!

Here's Josie after she started waking up; holding the new kitty Grandma Wanda got her in the giftshop. nice purple color, eh?
Surgery went well. i took her back at 8:00AM, they actually started about 8:30 and finished about 10:00. We have such awesome doctors. During this surgery a plastic surgeon (Dr. Jiang) sewed in that extra layer of skin underneath hers and just over the titanium rods where they rub against the skin. the original plan was just to do the left side (where the rod sticks out the most), but did both sides because, "well, she was already 'open' and one sheet [of cadaver skin] costs $1800 [as he made a shape the size of a bread slice with his hands]." just doing one side would have wasted half the sheet of skin. this new layer gives Josie four layers of skin and an extra surface for the rod to slide under. ithought that was really cool of him. then we start talking about the follow up appt and he's looking at his phone (the calendar i assume). he asks me for my cell number and a few seconds later says, "i jsut texted you my [personal] cell number" if anything should come up with Josie. man, i am a Dr. Jiang fan!! he's awesome.
Hopefully we'll get discharged tomorrow morning. oh, we did get a private room. they had 60 surgeries scheduled today and they cautioned everybody that doubling up in rooms could be a possibility. phew. i hope tomorrow's update is sent to you from home. :)

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Bob Lane said...

Great news! I am happy everything went well and you all made it home safely.