Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2nd Grade Musical

Josie had her musical Monday night. it was about a 'Mrs. Scrooge' type teacher. cute. and no, josie isn't on a lower step that her peers to the right and left. :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

The last month

I think the last thing i posted about was getting knocked out of the State football playoffs. that was disappointing but hey, the two teams that knocked off the number 1 and 2 seeds (us and Conway Springs) were the ones who ended up playing for the state title. and the team that beat out #1 is who ended up taking the championship. that seems fitting to me.

what else has been happening? SNOW!! there could certainly be more but i've enjoyed what we've gotten so far since Winter hasn't even officially started.
my home office is FINALLY complete!! okay, there's still some decorating to do but the 'remodel' is complete and it's functional.

we did the annual breakfast and tree-finding the day ofter Thanksgiving. though, for the second year we've found our 'real' tree at Home Depot. if our local farms could grow better trees, we'd go back to hunting one down ourselves. but i do love the Frasier Fur we got again.

That weekend Taylor and i built a house for the kitties at Josie's request as she was worried about them getting cold.

Taylor and Josie built their own snowmen with the 2nd snowfall of the season.

We were driving to town (Silver lake) from the house a couple nights ago and the car in front of us hit a deer - just south of NW 46th and Hoch Rd. i saw the deer come from the right and thought the driver might have enough time to stop. he wasn't going too fast cause he clipped the deer's hind end with the front drivers side bumper, sending the deer into a tail spin in the other lane - still very much alive and kicking around but unable to get up. the Sheriff likely arrived a short time later to 'take care of it'. Josie was worried about the deer and was not told of what lay ahead for it.

as i seem to write so many other times, i know there are likely things i have left out (forgotten). if they come to me, i'll post them. there is one other change; Josie's next rib surgery that was scheduled for February 19 had to be pushed back another week due to the Dr's travel schedule. it is now scheduled for February 26.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kitty Christmas

Okay, so there is probably lots to update you one since i haven't posted in over a month. but i wanted to share a picture of what Josie and a friend just made outside. It's a Christmas tree for the kitties. they found the 'tree', made the tree stand (ice chunks), and the ornaments all by themselves. if i zoomed out, you'd see that the tree is right next to the house taylor and i made for them last month. i'll post those pics when i put a full 'update' out, since i think i only posted them to Facebook.