Saturday, November 14, 2009

The streak ends here...

Well, let's get the painful news out of the way first... the Silver Lake Eagles, for the first time in EIGHT straight years, are not playing the State championship football game. We lost last night (at home) in the 'sectional' game to Marysville. They wanted it more, after we beat them in the playoffs last year. Had we won, just one more team would stand between us and a ticket to the state game. Last night was our first loss of the season - as it's basically been these last years; undefeated season going into the playoffs. Oh well, I guess. On to other news...

Josie got her H1N1 shot last week. we'd like to get one for Taylor too when it's available.

Last Saturday our family met up with some friends of ours from church and went rappelling (decending a cliff or vertical surface by rope) at Echo Cliff near Dover, KS. The cliff stands about 75 feet above the water. It was the first time rappelling for us Martins and it was fun! Tracy didn't get to go cause she was behind the camera and video camera and watching Josie. We'll definitely get her up there next time.

This is Cami, her boyfriend Jared and Josie at the cliff.

Cami was the first to take the challenge! My good friend Greg was our 'guide'.

And Taylor was second.

I thought i'd be too scared, but i'm ready to go again!

Earlier this last week Taylor hurt his foot at recess. We took him in for x-rays and learned he fractured two long bones in his foot! one was on the growth plate so we had to see an orthopedic surgeon. But all is fine; crutches and a special shoe. It should heal in about a month and he can walk on it as he feels he can.

Josie was doing my nails the other night (Taylor resting his foot in the background)

One of Josie's many 'outfits' she makes up. This is the "pirate".

I have been working off and on (much more off than on) on my home office remodel. It is getting so very close to being done. It started last February. It's been gutted, rewired, sheetrocked, painted, custom bookshelf by a friend, new floor, and i just finished filling the nailholes on the crown moulding and baseboard i put on this week. I just need to sand those and touch up the paint and it - will - finally - be - done! I've been posting progress photos on my facebook page.

Well, at my current rate, i may not get another update out til December, so if not - have a fantastic, thankful, Thanksgiving!!

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