Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The last two weeks in review:

Taylor's kickoff at the K-State stadium (when they played Manhattan's 6th grade team). He was playing this while i was on my way back from the men's boot camp weekend.

As soon as i got into town from the camp i met Josie at Lambert's Pumpkin Patch. Her sunday school group was meeting there to decorate pumpkins and play.

Taylor playing his sax at the 6th grade band concert.

I went to Cami's parent-teacher conferences (which her grades are AWESOME), and snapped this pic of one of her latest art projects. this sterling silver piece is going to be displayed the month of November at the Fairlawn Mall! go take a look. my blackberry picture doesn't do it justice. i don't know what the Asian writing means. probably something about her boyfriend, ha!

i took a photo of taylor after his last regular season game...

i don't know the reason for the 'sheepish' grin during taylor's 6th grade musical last week. he was looking at us.

took this of Josie this morning. she's finally gotten into talking on the phone. she looks like a natural, eh?

i need to start priming and painting the final trim for my office now. i should have started several hours ago. then it's off to trick or treating tonight. Here's Josie (Taylor didn't want his picture taken):

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

catching up again!

our cat's just LOVE josie. this one's name is Halloween.

so much seems to have happened since my last post - which is what usually happens when i'm not on top of it.

Taylor won his second game. it was on the Silver Lake High School field (each team plays a game on their home turf during the season). and they won HUGE! 54-0, against a team that usually beats them every year. it was FANTASTIC! the weather was miserable: wind chill in the 20's and a few snow flakes here and there. but i recorded the game like i do each year on the home field. they scored four times in the second quarter. and i didn't get ANY of it! i had stopped the tape during a timeout to save the battery. but i forgot to hit record again when i started it.... the best quarter of the game and i don't get it on film... what an idiot.

we went to see josie's plastic surgeon. everything seems to look fine to him. her skin is thin on her back. what he'll do at the next surgery is place an extra layer of skin over the device, but under her natural skin. they'll use cadaver skin.

josie and taylor came down with a fever last saturday and a cough. taylor was okay by tuesday, but josie had to miss school. luckily monday was a holiday and they were off; one less missed day.

as i write this i'm rounding up and packing everything for the Men's Boot Camp i and three other guys are putting on this weekend (starts tomorrow): it's directly from the camps Bob and i went to up in Colorado a couple times. i'm psyched! i didn't get much sleep last night and i'll get even less tonight! i go to the church tnoight to pick up the A/V equipment. you can learn more about the ministry at i've also made a facebook fan page (Wildmen KS).

oh ya, i forgot about mentioning the Silver Lake Homecoming Parade last week. Taylor's 6th grade football team won first place for their float. That's two firsts and one second over the last three years. not to bad eh? here's a picture:
the float was complete with motorized turning wheels and smoke that came out of the stack. notice that the steam roller's rolling over the riley county player in front :)

OH, AND taylor got his braces off!! now he wears these tiny little clear retainers that cover just the first 4 teeth.... it aint like the retainers I had!