Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got one in the W column (finally).

Taylor's team finally won a game! Today they beat the Twisters 6-0 in overtime. it was a good game. of course i didn't bring my camera. i was waiting til they play at the highschool. (each team plays a game at their home school - not at the SportZone. plus, taylor will be playing a game on the K-State field like he did last year. i won't get to see if cause i'll be at my men's conference.

tracy bought josie's halloween costume today cause the pickins were gettin slim. josie was so excited she came home, put it on, and did her makeup all herself. i didn't take a photo cause i didn't want to show everyone til halloween. she looked cute.

i'm still plugging away at the my Study. the special order doors came in (got one for the bathroom while i was at it) so i put the door on today, instead of painting. let's see, i was going to be done last weekend, then it was going to be this weekend... there is so little left to do; paint the ceiling, paint the walls, lay the laminate floor. okay, there some other odds and ends but still it's sooo close, yet so hard to stay motivated.

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