Monday, August 31, 2009

Football has begun!

Taylor's first football game was saturday - against our rivals, Rossville. And our showing was pretty embarassing. we got creamed 31-6. and our '6' came with less than a minute left in the game. i tried to speak some encourgament into Taylor at one point but it was fleeting i could tell.

But this is an issue that has plagued this group of boys since they began playing organized sports 4-5 years ago. for some reason this particular group of boys, in general, lack motivation and agression. every year, whether it's baseball or football, the result is the same. they seldom get fired up or just competative in general. there are glimmers of it every now and then.

it will be interesting to see what the next several years are like... will the competativeness and fire come once they start playing for the school and all the pride that goes along with that... or.... if we'll (Silver Lake Eagles) be in trouble once these boys are juniors and seniors. who knows.

There is one things i am extremely thankful for. Taylor has had a number of different coaches over the years, in different sports. and one thing i appreciate is everyone of those coaches taught them to play fair. they never embraced even a single opportunity for questionable tactic to get ahead. we played with integrity and that's worth everything (even all the losses). and the irony is that Silver Lake continually gets badmouthed that we cheat at sports - of course that's primarily in football. i think there's still rumors the boys use steroids... it's comical really. especially since we are consistently the smallest team out their in individual size.

As for this season that kicks off this Friday.... the Eagles has their work cut out for them. they are coming off a SEVEN STRAIGHT YEAR run for the state title. They lost some key star players this year. a few have questioned the ability to make it so State, over even have a 'winning' season. I'm hopeful of course. And good or bad, i'll keep you posted throughout the season!

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