Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Post-Op Appointment

Just got back from Children's Mercy for a check up and bandage removal. all is well. on her left side you can "read the serial numbers" - meaning her skin is very thin and the rod is quite visible (not that you can actually see the rod, but the thin skin is sucked toght around it so you can see the shape of the rod, etc.) we'll just have to keep a close watch on it; continue to try and fatten her up; and we'll need to bring a cushion with her to school for her chair back.

the next surgery has already been scheduled for February 19, 2010; 8 months from now. it will be just an expansion and we should leave the hospital the next day, or even the same day. there is talk of the next generation devices being 'self expanding'. maybe i mentioned this before. there would be no further surgeries needed once they were put in. there would be an exterior device (like a 'magic wand') that would wirelessly expand the devices.

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Cheryl said...

Self-expanding rods?? How cool is that????!! My daughter (10) is getting her first VEPTR at the end of August. I'll have to ask her dr. where the technology is at in our area. Unbelievable!! Thanks for sharing!