Saturday, July 25, 2009

I told you I would

it's just after midnight. i was in bed but felt the need to blog. today josie went to a birthday swim party. tonight tracy said this was the first time josie couldn't really keep up with her friends. they would all go to the deep end and josie doesn't yet swim well enough to follow. a few friends would come by and check on her, but tracy said josie was ready to go within the hour.

overall i do pretty good at not worrying about the future for josie or how she'll be accepted. so far everyone LOVES her in our town. and though i really don't think there'll be an issue with teasing or non-acceptance, part of my heart sinks to think about her not being able to do everything her friends can, and falling behind.

maybe i'm just feeling this after watching the movie, "Taken". i had seen it before but tracy and i watched it tonight. great movie. i want to be that kind of dad. near the end the daughter sobs with tears, telling her dad, almost in disbelief, "you came for me". and he replied, "i told you i would". he would stop at nothing to protect her. ya, i want to be that kind of dad. so, maybe i'm a little caught up in the father-daughter thing. the first time i saw the movie i thought of cami. but anyway, if i just laid in bed, i never would have went to sleep so here i am, getting it off my heart. maybe i can rest now.

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