Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High Speed

This is what the kids looked like most of the weekend after getting high speed internet last friday... man, 7 years of having dial-up; after having high speed back in Topeka. we thought this day would never come since we live so far out in the country!! Thank you Embarq, and thanks to our neigbor down the road who petitioned them to bring high speed out to us!! AND it's only $3 more than we were paying for dial-up!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I told you I would

it's just after midnight. i was in bed but felt the need to blog. today josie went to a birthday swim party. tonight tracy said this was the first time josie couldn't really keep up with her friends. they would all go to the deep end and josie doesn't yet swim well enough to follow. a few friends would come by and check on her, but tracy said josie was ready to go within the hour.

overall i do pretty good at not worrying about the future for josie or how she'll be accepted. so far everyone LOVES her in our town. and though i really don't think there'll be an issue with teasing or non-acceptance, part of my heart sinks to think about her not being able to do everything her friends can, and falling behind.

maybe i'm just feeling this after watching the movie, "Taken". i had seen it before but tracy and i watched it tonight. great movie. i want to be that kind of dad. near the end the daughter sobs with tears, telling her dad, almost in disbelief, "you came for me". and he replied, "i told you i would". he would stop at nothing to protect her. ya, i want to be that kind of dad. so, maybe i'm a little caught up in the father-daughter thing. the first time i saw the movie i thought of cami. but anyway, if i just laid in bed, i never would have went to sleep so here i am, getting it off my heart. maybe i can rest now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tracy took Josie to the dermatologist yesterday for a check up following her surgery; to see about restarting her light therapy back up. BUT he says she looks so good that we don't need to continue! If she starts flaring up again (psoriasis) then we can call them. Great news!! so let's hope for no strep throat since that's what seems to set it off (it's a type of psoriasis that was originally contracted from strep).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colorado Trip

We got back from Colorado last night. I took about 380 pictures, so i'll just post a fiew here. We had a great time. the views at the cabin were amazing!

The kids standing on a huge boulder close to the cabin...
All of us on the same boulder...

This deer was walking in the yard as we pulled into the driveway...
One of the first beautiful views from the cabin...

The kids across the 'street' from the cabin. See the deer in the background?

The hot tub was quite enjoyable...

Another fantastic view from home base...

I drove Taylor and Cami to Pike's Peak summit... It was 50 at the top; 80's at bottom.

This squirrel was NOT happy about my presence. He was quite vocal about it too...

I could never get enough of this...

We went to Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods, and Old Colorado Town), Pike's Peak, and the Royal Gorge and the evenings at the cabin. We roasted marshmallows in the fireplace the first night. It was just a great time. Colorado always speaks to my heart. Part of me wishes God would bring me (the family) there permanently. Josie did very well there. We were concerned about her breathing at such a high altitude. It didn't seem to phase her.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 4th

Okay it's a little late in posting. We went to a co-worker/friend's house for the 4th this year. it was a great time. i took lots of photos of the fireworks, but i was too close to the action to get many that were framed in the picture well. this has got to be about the first year josie really enjoyed the fireworks. she's been quite afraid of the loud explosions in years past. She loved them this year. Taylor enjoyed running out to set alot of them off. a neighbor set off a sparkler bomb placed inside a stuffed animal. i've got it on video. it's pretty sweet - stuffing went everywhere! poor furry fella didn't stand a chance! i was at least 100 feet away and still felt the impact on my chest.

Josie is 'back to normal' - and has been for over a week. she still can't swim til this weekend. i can't believe we leave for Colorado in just 8 days!! it's still not fully planned yet! but we're all looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Post-Op Appointment

Just got back from Children's Mercy for a check up and bandage removal. all is well. on her left side you can "read the serial numbers" - meaning her skin is very thin and the rod is quite visible (not that you can actually see the rod, but the thin skin is sucked toght around it so you can see the shape of the rod, etc.) we'll just have to keep a close watch on it; continue to try and fatten her up; and we'll need to bring a cushion with her to school for her chair back.

the next surgery has already been scheduled for February 19, 2010; 8 months from now. it will be just an expansion and we should leave the hospital the next day, or even the same day. there is talk of the next generation devices being 'self expanding'. maybe i mentioned this before. there would be no further surgeries needed once they were put in. there would be an exterior device (like a 'magic wand') that would wirelessly expand the devices.