Monday, June 15, 2009

TV Star(s) and MVP

Last friday was Dreamnight at the Zoo - put on by the Capper Foundation (that's where Josie received physical therapy for a couple years as a toddler). One of our local news stations interviewed Tracy and showed a clip of Josie getting a 'tattoo' on her arm. here's the link:

Then, last night Taylor's baseball team played for the championship in a tournement sponsored by a Topeka team but held in Silver Lake. The boys took second - but the winners (and host team, interestingly enough) were older and had a couple real fast pitchers. BUT Taylor pitched the first four innings and held the opponents to just ONE run! In fact, taylor pitched 13 innings of the four tournament games and allowed just two runs!! I'm very proud of him. He got to take the traveling trophy home first - i like to think - because he was the MVP.

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