Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day Three

last night was rough. tracy called me while i was on the way home to say josie has a fever. this isn't uncommon after a surgery like this, but she called again later to say josie's oxygen saturation level was dropping and she was having difficulty breathing. they were able to correct that. the rest of the night josie was getting up every hour to use the restroom.

she has been awake quite a bit today and we've begun making her walk to and from the bathroom. she's been quite angry all day (not cause of the walking). she's just had a significant attitude - true josie style.

she was taken off her IV meds. i brought her a happy meal when i came. she doesn't like the hospital food. she's covering her face in the picture cause she was mad and didn't want her picture taken.

they say we'll likely get out of here tomorrow morning. man, i hope so.

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