Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Four - Home

Playing the online game Toon Town this morning...

On the ride home with the make-shift sun visor...

We got released about 10:30 this AM. She slept great last night - ALL night. I was the dummy that stayed up til about 4:00AM searching a genealogy website. I then got up at 6:30 when the doc and students made their rounds. Taylor's got a late game tonight and i have to get up for a 6:00AM meeting tomorrow.... i have GOT to find time to nap this afternoon!!

Right now josie's on the couch watching iCarly. she's already less grouchy. being home does wonders.

I wish we would have gotten to spend more time with the new 'rib family' we met. This surgery just rocked josie's world unlike she's seen in YEARS. the next three surgeries will likely just be expansions which are a walk in the park, comparatively. Hopefully we can get scheduled with the other family next time. We'd also like to see our other family we met with josie's first surgery at CMH. it'll likely be another year before josie would have another surgery.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers over the last four days, and those who may have been praying before that.

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Bob Lane said...

She is really growing up. I am glad all went well. Take care brother.

Bob Lane