Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sticky Rides Again

Mr. Sticky (v2.0) is still stickin' around, like his predicessor v1.0, he seems to like the front door, although 1.0 liked to hang out on the transom window above the door. 2.0 likes hangin on the glass. last night he was sitting on the deadbolt lock when i opened the door to take a final shot of the storm from the front porch. he must have a relative; v2.0.1 that i also see on the back door sometimes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Four - Home

Playing the online game Toon Town this morning...

On the ride home with the make-shift sun visor...

We got released about 10:30 this AM. She slept great last night - ALL night. I was the dummy that stayed up til about 4:00AM searching a genealogy website. I then got up at 6:30 when the doc and students made their rounds. Taylor's got a late game tonight and i have to get up for a 6:00AM meeting tomorrow.... i have GOT to find time to nap this afternoon!!

Right now josie's on the couch watching iCarly. she's already less grouchy. being home does wonders.

I wish we would have gotten to spend more time with the new 'rib family' we met. This surgery just rocked josie's world unlike she's seen in YEARS. the next three surgeries will likely just be expansions which are a walk in the park, comparatively. Hopefully we can get scheduled with the other family next time. We'd also like to see our other family we met with josie's first surgery at CMH. it'll likely be another year before josie would have another surgery.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers over the last four days, and those who may have been praying before that.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day Three

last night was rough. tracy called me while i was on the way home to say josie has a fever. this isn't uncommon after a surgery like this, but she called again later to say josie's oxygen saturation level was dropping and she was having difficulty breathing. they were able to correct that. the rest of the night josie was getting up every hour to use the restroom.

she has been awake quite a bit today and we've begun making her walk to and from the bathroom. she's been quite angry all day (not cause of the walking). she's just had a significant attitude - true josie style.

she was taken off her IV meds. i brought her a happy meal when i came. she doesn't like the hospital food. she's covering her face in the picture cause she was mad and didn't want her picture taken.

they say we'll likely get out of here tomorrow morning. man, i hope so.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day Two

Not much to report today. minimal progress. she slept more than she was awake cause pain is still an issue, then the meds make her drowsy. she hasn't been out of bed yet. i imagine we'll have to start making her get up tomorrow. it DOES seem that it will be monday before we could get out of here. i hope not longer.

this has been the toughest recovery she's had since her initial implant surgeries when she was just 1 1/2 years old. Tracy will probably have a rough night tonight.

well, taylor i need to get headed home, there's a storm in coffee county heading ENE. it may still fall south of KC, but i don't want to be on the road. there's still a fair bit of rain in and around Topeka that's probably heading east too. continue your thought and prayers for josie (and tracy tonight).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day One

We all wait in holding...
Daddy is suited up to take Josie into the surgery room...

One of Josie's few awake moments today...

Today was different that expected (for us at least). we knew the plan going in, but just didn't realize it would result in having two large incisions - like the ones she got with the original implantation of the devices from the top of the back and around the shoulder blade and out to the side.

the doc tried a number of replacement rods but ended up reverting back to the old style/version of rod that she's had in. he was pleased with the result, as were we. on the downside, because the revision was a little more intensive, we will be staying here longer. we probably won't get released until Monday - which is a bummer.

Josie has slept most of the day due to the pain meds. but she's already tried sitting up once and told us she wanted a hamburger (unfortunately that's not on her allowed diet yet - maybe tomorrow). I am staying the night tonight.

We have met a new rib family tonight - well, just the mom so far. their daughter is the same age as josie and has the same disorder!! really cool (although that sounds weird to say). i'll sign off for the night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

TV Star(s) and MVP

Last friday was Dreamnight at the Zoo - put on by the Capper Foundation (that's where Josie received physical therapy for a couple years as a toddler). One of our local news stations interviewed Tracy and showed a clip of Josie getting a 'tattoo' on her arm. here's the link:

Then, last night Taylor's baseball team played for the championship in a tournement sponsored by a Topeka team but held in Silver Lake. The boys took second - but the winners (and host team, interestingly enough) were older and had a couple real fast pitchers. BUT Taylor pitched the first four innings and held the opponents to just ONE run! In fact, taylor pitched 13 innings of the four tournament games and allowed just two runs!! I'm very proud of him. He got to take the traveling trophy home first - i like to think - because he was the MVP.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mr. Sticky's back!!

Okay, it's probably not the same one. We'll call him version 2.0. And he was on the back door tonight when we got home. i don't imagine he'll hang out daily like the other frog did on our front porch.

Taylor's baseball tournament started tonight with a series of field competitions. pitching, fielding, base running and home run derby. The tournament is being held in Silver Lake which is great for us. we took home a trophy in three of the four events, including first place for the home run derby!

Josie's surgery is next friday! pre-op is wednesday. Her 'light therapy' has been reduced from three times a week to once a week now. she's got quite the tan, but her psoriasis is completely gone!!