Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Has it really been two weeks?! I am just too busy - and not busy with fun stuff!

A friend and co-worker gave us four tickets to see a KU and KSU baseball game in Lawrence. I took Taylor, my brother-in-law and nephew. KSU was ranked higher but got smoked. Taylor was all decked out in his purple. he was the only one on the KU side where we were sitting. i went to buy us all a hotdog and pop....TWENTY EIGHT BUCKS!!!! that would be about $12 at Taylor's ball game and they taste just as good. but Taylor had a great time and talked about it all the way to church the next day.

This Memorial weekend we were kid-free! Taylor and Josie with with my mom down to the family reunion in Oklahoma and Cami wasn't here due to work and , other stuff i guess. Last Friday night Taylor pitched the first two innings and did great. after that our pitching fell apart. he hit great too. at the end the coach made it a point to call out Taylor's name and praise him for pitching 'two good innings' (to make it clear no one else pitched well) and that if he weren't trying to get more kids in the pitched, he would have left him in longer.

But back to the weekend. Tracy and i drove to Lawrence and KC to check out the Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity in Lawrence) and the KC Architectural Salvage store. I'm trying to find a door for my home office. i want one to match the others in the house. of the 100's of doors they had they didn't have one in my size. i may have to custom order one. i'll check on line some more first.
We also got a lot of housework done; planting flowers, cleaning out the basement, mowing the lawn, cutting down some limbs... exciting stuff. The kids called each night to check in. they'll be home tonight!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ninja Warriors

Taylor (and his dad) like watching this show called Ninja Warrior on one of the satelite channels. It's an obstacle course over in Japan that they televise. It's in Japanese so the subtitles are on the bottom. It's fun watching people wipe out and fall, really.

Anyway, i'm sure it was taylor's idea, but after watching it one afternoon this weekend, the next thing i know is taylor and josie have built an obstacle course around and through the swing set. it kept them busy for hours!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Surgery Schedule

hey everyone,
sorry i have'nt updated sooner. Josie's surgery has been rescheduled to June 19. It was scheduled for May 22, but her doc was concerned that he'd be leaving town the next day and wouldn't be available if needed. if it was a straight forward expansion surgery it wouldn't be as concerning. but this is a 'revision' surgery. they will be replacing one rod with a longer one (and a newer generation/design too) and then replacing the rod they took out two years ago.

we are a little discouraged that it will be cutting into her summer, but it's best. her light therapy has been going great! her psoriasis is almost knocked out. but June the doc hopes it'll be completely wiped out.