Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Camera Ham

It would appear that the surgery has been rescheduled to May 22. Josie's "light therapy" begins today. three days a week in a medical tanning bed for six weeks. the doc feels that will knock out the psoriasis completely (but not for good). at that point we'd decrease the amount of times she 'tans' over the period of several more months. at that point, hopefully the psoriasis would be in 'remission'. but at any point if she gets strep again, we're sure it'll flare back up. it's out of control right now so we're hoping for great results with the treatment.

taylor's ball season (games) starts in a couple weeks already. the difficulty is that he plays on different days of the week. i wish it were set days like "wednesdays and saturdays", but he could play one day a week or three. generally is about two. i hope he's successful at pitching again as it's the about the only position he likes.

cami, as i said before has been working. next weeks she's working about 4-5 evenings. i hope she finds time to get her school work done. i think she's liking it. this obviously means she's coming over less and less too - but that's part of the deal; growing up and having more responsibilities.

Oh, i almost forgot, at the dentist yesterday it was mentioned about Josie starting phase one of braces.... WHAT?! first off, we've JUST about paid off Taylor's. but secondly, i just can't picture josie with braces. she seems so young. granted, that's because she is physically so much smaller and looks about 2 years younger than she is. braces seem so "grown up" for her. so we'll take her into the Ortho to get his opinion. man, visualizing josie with braces is just weird!

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