Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surgery Canceled

hey everyone.
we found out yesterday we need to hold off on josie's surgery. her psoriasis is too extensive to risk anything (infection, etc), even if she doesn't have any spots directly on her incision sites. and we are fine with that. many of you may recall Josie's seccond rib surgery when she was hospitalized for about 5 weeks and had to have some of her small and large intestine removed? well, during the pre-op testing she had an elevated white blood cell count. but everything else checked out fine and there was no reason for caution... 5 days later in the PICU Josie almost died. so we are cool with not taking any chances.

so instead, josie will begin light therapy; kind of like a specialized tanning bed, in a couple weeks. they think with multiple treatments a week, they can knock out her psoriasis within 6 weeks. - not cured of it but remove it for hopefully many months. we will then plan to have her surgery after that first 6 week series. she will still need to go for treatments, less frequently afer that. we hope to keep it in remission as long as possible. 

the next surgery will likely be near the end of May.

i've got so many picutres i could post. i'll have to sift through them and post a few from her birthday last weekend, etc.

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