Thursday, March 05, 2009

Catching up

Well it's been a month since my last post. i seems to be busy with tons of insignificant things. So, what 's been happening?

Just a reminder, Josie's next rib surgery is March 27! they are extending/replacing one rod and re-inserting a rod they took out at her last surgery (TWO years ago!). she will be getting the newest generation design that's thinner to help them not stick out as much. it should still be just a two day stay at CMH. Josie is quite opposed to it of course.

Taylor has begun baseball practice. He's with the same "eagles" team he's been with for three years now. we had planned to get him to a pitching coach but waited too long, now they're booked. he'll still be one of - if not the top pitcher we have. we just want a professional to evaluate his "side-arm" style; that it's not going to cause him problems.

Cami will be driving over tonight, alone, for the first time, in her new (to her) car. she aparently paid for most of it herself with savings. she is also, understandably trying hard to find a job. I hope that it doesn't interfere with her schoolwork. tonight she will be driving home, alone in the dark for the first time too. i'm sure she'll do great. our biggest concern is the deer out here in the country.

And, next Wednesday Bob and i leave for COLORADO again!! We are attending another retreat with John Eldredge and the Ransomed Heart Team. We are really hoping this 'advanced' camp will be an opportunity to discover what the Father has planned for our men's ministry We've seen some explosive interest in it and we have also already seen God thwarting some of our 'own' plans - the ones we made without consulting Him. The first one was having to cancel our last retreat we planned. and that retreat was going to fund the deposit for the upcoming october retreat (due by last week). we had decided about a month ago that we were going to quit "making" this ministry happen by our own effort - which meant we weren't going to fork over the deposit out of our own pocket. God would have to show up.... and He did! i spoke with the october retreat center yesterday and everything is fine. they'll still honor our dates! Awesome!

now, with all of the insignificancies distracting me, i need to get focused for next week and preparing my heart for what God wants to reveal. i could sure use your prayers.

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