Thursday, January 08, 2009

Plastic Surgeon Visit

We saw the PS today at CMH. he thought the skin on her back looked good and would do fine for the next surgery. he wants to talk with josie's doc to get more info on what he plans to do (type of rod, where he's putting them). if it's a device that will put more pressure against the skin, or for a larger area (like using a hybrid device that goes from top of ribcage to bottom of spine), then we may have to consider ways to stretch the skin. best case would be to do it during the actual surgery, worst case would be those 'tissue expanders'. the saline balloons they put under the skin and slowing put more and more saline in to stretch the skin out. we hope to not go that route! hopefully within a week we'll hear back on the plan and when her next surgery will be.

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