Monday, January 26, 2009

Next Surgery!

Just got the call. Josie's next rib surgery will be March 27.

Good News

What a crazy weekend! Bob and I were at the Men Of Valor conference in Olathe KS. We had a vendor table for our ministry (above). We were received exceptionally well. Lots of men came by and talked with us. we were given several contacts for other retreat venues and offers to come to their church, etc. the guy next to us said he never would have guessed that we were the 'new guys on the block' (first time there with a brand new ministry). We also scored; thanks to Bob's connections, one of the prime real estate table locations!

That first evening i got a call back from Children's Mercy. Josie's nurse said everything was a go for scheduling Josie's next rib surgery - at any time. i told her i am slammed with stuff til the middle of March and to just schedule the surgery at any time after that. as a reminder to you, Josie will be getting one rod extended and the one they took out, replaced. they will use the VEPTR 2's; the newest model that's thinner and won't stick out as much as the older ones. We'll likely be in the hospital 2 days for this one. can you guys believe it's been TWO YEARS since her last rib surgery?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Josie's Logic

This is a shot of the moon early this AM before heading to work. Josie told Tracy that it looked like the moon was broken (because part of it was missing).

Josie has a knack for for dressing in very little then complaining that she's cold. tonight after work i told her sh could not wear shorts (as she normally does) cause she'll complain she is cold. this is the outfit she came up with to stay warm....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Plastic Surgeon Visit

We saw the PS today at CMH. he thought the skin on her back looked good and would do fine for the next surgery. he wants to talk with josie's doc to get more info on what he plans to do (type of rod, where he's putting them). if it's a device that will put more pressure against the skin, or for a larger area (like using a hybrid device that goes from top of ribcage to bottom of spine), then we may have to consider ways to stretch the skin. best case would be to do it during the actual surgery, worst case would be those 'tissue expanders'. the saline balloons they put under the skin and slowing put more and more saline in to stretch the skin out. we hope to not go that route! hopefully within a week we'll hear back on the plan and when her next surgery will be.