Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2nd Grade Musical

Josie had her musical Monday night. it was about a 'Mrs. Scrooge' type teacher. cute. and no, josie isn't on a lower step that her peers to the right and left. :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

The last month

I think the last thing i posted about was getting knocked out of the State football playoffs. that was disappointing but hey, the two teams that knocked off the number 1 and 2 seeds (us and Conway Springs) were the ones who ended up playing for the state title. and the team that beat out #1 is who ended up taking the championship. that seems fitting to me.

what else has been happening? SNOW!! there could certainly be more but i've enjoyed what we've gotten so far since Winter hasn't even officially started.
my home office is FINALLY complete!! okay, there's still some decorating to do but the 'remodel' is complete and it's functional.

we did the annual breakfast and tree-finding the day ofter Thanksgiving. though, for the second year we've found our 'real' tree at Home Depot. if our local farms could grow better trees, we'd go back to hunting one down ourselves. but i do love the Frasier Fur we got again.

That weekend Taylor and i built a house for the kitties at Josie's request as she was worried about them getting cold.

Taylor and Josie built their own snowmen with the 2nd snowfall of the season.

We were driving to town (Silver lake) from the house a couple nights ago and the car in front of us hit a deer - just south of NW 46th and Hoch Rd. i saw the deer come from the right and thought the driver might have enough time to stop. he wasn't going too fast cause he clipped the deer's hind end with the front drivers side bumper, sending the deer into a tail spin in the other lane - still very much alive and kicking around but unable to get up. the Sheriff likely arrived a short time later to 'take care of it'. Josie was worried about the deer and was not told of what lay ahead for it.

as i seem to write so many other times, i know there are likely things i have left out (forgotten). if they come to me, i'll post them. there is one other change; Josie's next rib surgery that was scheduled for February 19 had to be pushed back another week due to the Dr's travel schedule. it is now scheduled for February 26.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kitty Christmas

Okay, so there is probably lots to update you one since i haven't posted in over a month. but i wanted to share a picture of what Josie and a friend just made outside. It's a Christmas tree for the kitties. they found the 'tree', made the tree stand (ice chunks), and the ornaments all by themselves. if i zoomed out, you'd see that the tree is right next to the house taylor and i made for them last month. i'll post those pics when i put a full 'update' out, since i think i only posted them to Facebook.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The streak ends here...

Well, let's get the painful news out of the way first... the Silver Lake Eagles, for the first time in EIGHT straight years, are not playing the State championship football game. We lost last night (at home) in the 'sectional' game to Marysville. They wanted it more, after we beat them in the playoffs last year. Had we won, just one more team would stand between us and a ticket to the state game. Last night was our first loss of the season - as it's basically been these last years; undefeated season going into the playoffs. Oh well, I guess. On to other news...

Josie got her H1N1 shot last week. we'd like to get one for Taylor too when it's available.

Last Saturday our family met up with some friends of ours from church and went rappelling (decending a cliff or vertical surface by rope) at Echo Cliff near Dover, KS. The cliff stands about 75 feet above the water. It was the first time rappelling for us Martins and it was fun! Tracy didn't get to go cause she was behind the camera and video camera and watching Josie. We'll definitely get her up there next time.

This is Cami, her boyfriend Jared and Josie at the cliff.

Cami was the first to take the challenge! My good friend Greg was our 'guide'.

And Taylor was second.

I thought i'd be too scared, but i'm ready to go again!

Earlier this last week Taylor hurt his foot at recess. We took him in for x-rays and learned he fractured two long bones in his foot! one was on the growth plate so we had to see an orthopedic surgeon. But all is fine; crutches and a special shoe. It should heal in about a month and he can walk on it as he feels he can.

Josie was doing my nails the other night (Taylor resting his foot in the background)

One of Josie's many 'outfits' she makes up. This is the "pirate".

I have been working off and on (much more off than on) on my home office remodel. It is getting so very close to being done. It started last February. It's been gutted, rewired, sheetrocked, painted, custom bookshelf by a friend, new floor, and i just finished filling the nailholes on the crown moulding and baseboard i put on this week. I just need to sand those and touch up the paint and it - will - finally - be - done! I've been posting progress photos on my facebook page.

Well, at my current rate, i may not get another update out til December, so if not - have a fantastic, thankful, Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The last two weeks in review:

Taylor's kickoff at the K-State stadium (when they played Manhattan's 6th grade team). He was playing this while i was on my way back from the men's boot camp weekend.

As soon as i got into town from the camp i met Josie at Lambert's Pumpkin Patch. Her sunday school group was meeting there to decorate pumpkins and play.

Taylor playing his sax at the 6th grade band concert.

I went to Cami's parent-teacher conferences (which her grades are AWESOME), and snapped this pic of one of her latest art projects. this sterling silver piece is going to be displayed the month of November at the Fairlawn Mall! go take a look. my blackberry picture doesn't do it justice. i don't know what the Asian writing means. probably something about her boyfriend, ha!

i took a photo of taylor after his last regular season game...

i don't know the reason for the 'sheepish' grin during taylor's 6th grade musical last week. he was looking at us.

took this of Josie this morning. she's finally gotten into talking on the phone. she looks like a natural, eh?

i need to start priming and painting the final trim for my office now. i should have started several hours ago. then it's off to trick or treating tonight. Here's Josie (Taylor didn't want his picture taken):

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

catching up again!

our cat's just LOVE josie. this one's name is Halloween.

so much seems to have happened since my last post - which is what usually happens when i'm not on top of it.

Taylor won his second game. it was on the Silver Lake High School field (each team plays a game on their home turf during the season). and they won HUGE! 54-0, against a team that usually beats them every year. it was FANTASTIC! the weather was miserable: wind chill in the 20's and a few snow flakes here and there. but i recorded the game like i do each year on the home field. they scored four times in the second quarter. and i didn't get ANY of it! i had stopped the tape during a timeout to save the battery. but i forgot to hit record again when i started it.... the best quarter of the game and i don't get it on film... what an idiot.

we went to see josie's plastic surgeon. everything seems to look fine to him. her skin is thin on her back. what he'll do at the next surgery is place an extra layer of skin over the device, but under her natural skin. they'll use cadaver skin.

josie and taylor came down with a fever last saturday and a cough. taylor was okay by tuesday, but josie had to miss school. luckily monday was a holiday and they were off; one less missed day.

as i write this i'm rounding up and packing everything for the Men's Boot Camp i and three other guys are putting on this weekend (starts tomorrow): it's directly from the camps Bob and i went to up in Colorado a couple times. i'm psyched! i didn't get much sleep last night and i'll get even less tonight! i go to the church tnoight to pick up the A/V equipment. you can learn more about the ministry at i've also made a facebook fan page (Wildmen KS).

oh ya, i forgot about mentioning the Silver Lake Homecoming Parade last week. Taylor's 6th grade football team won first place for their float. That's two firsts and one second over the last three years. not to bad eh? here's a picture:
the float was complete with motorized turning wheels and smoke that came out of the stack. notice that the steam roller's rolling over the riley county player in front :)

OH, AND taylor got his braces off!! now he wears these tiny little clear retainers that cover just the first 4 teeth.... it aint like the retainers I had!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Got one in the W column (finally).

Taylor's team finally won a game! Today they beat the Twisters 6-0 in overtime. it was a good game. of course i didn't bring my camera. i was waiting til they play at the highschool. (each team plays a game at their home school - not at the SportZone. plus, taylor will be playing a game on the K-State field like he did last year. i won't get to see if cause i'll be at my men's conference.

tracy bought josie's halloween costume today cause the pickins were gettin slim. josie was so excited she came home, put it on, and did her makeup all herself. i didn't take a photo cause i didn't want to show everyone til halloween. she looked cute.

i'm still plugging away at the my Study. the special order doors came in (got one for the bathroom while i was at it) so i put the door on today, instead of painting. let's see, i was going to be done last weekend, then it was going to be this weekend... there is so little left to do; paint the ceiling, paint the walls, lay the laminate floor. okay, there some other odds and ends but still it's sooo close, yet so hard to stay motivated.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching up

Not much to report lately i suppose. here's the latest:

We don't see Cami much since she has a job and a new boyfriend :).

Taylor's football team hasn't won a game yet; no proud moments to brag about. really.

Josie is getting more and more into having friends over to play. she's getting a few small psoriasis spots again so we're trying to stay on top of those.

i'm busy finishing my home office/study. i posted some progress pics on my Facebook page

i'm also gearing up for the fall Wildmen KS men's retreat. the next 3 1/2 weeks will fly by.

Tracy and i celebrated our 13-year-anniversary earlier this month. next month we both turn a year older.

i've actually been able to take several sunrise pictures lately. check out those and my sunsets at the links to the right.

Guess that's about it for now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Misc Photos From Labor Day

While everyone was still asleep, i jumped in the car to take a bunch of fog and wildflower snaps this morning. here are just a few. click on the panoramic stitch to view it larger.
(even so it's kind of small)

I wish these would fill the ditch in front of our house.

Taylor went fishing with his cousin today. appears it was a good day!
Josie would NOT touch them though we continually encouraged her too.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Josie's ready for the gridiron...

Football has begun!

Taylor's first football game was saturday - against our rivals, Rossville. And our showing was pretty embarassing. we got creamed 31-6. and our '6' came with less than a minute left in the game. i tried to speak some encourgament into Taylor at one point but it was fleeting i could tell.

But this is an issue that has plagued this group of boys since they began playing organized sports 4-5 years ago. for some reason this particular group of boys, in general, lack motivation and agression. every year, whether it's baseball or football, the result is the same. they seldom get fired up or just competative in general. there are glimmers of it every now and then.

it will be interesting to see what the next several years are like... will the competativeness and fire come once they start playing for the school and all the pride that goes along with that... or.... if we'll (Silver Lake Eagles) be in trouble once these boys are juniors and seniors. who knows.

There is one things i am extremely thankful for. Taylor has had a number of different coaches over the years, in different sports. and one thing i appreciate is everyone of those coaches taught them to play fair. they never embraced even a single opportunity for questionable tactic to get ahead. we played with integrity and that's worth everything (even all the losses). and the irony is that Silver Lake continually gets badmouthed that we cheat at sports - of course that's primarily in football. i think there's still rumors the boys use steroids... it's comical really. especially since we are consistently the smallest team out their in individual size.

As for this season that kicks off this Friday.... the Eagles has their work cut out for them. they are coming off a SEVEN STRAIGHT YEAR run for the state title. They lost some key star players this year. a few have questioned the ability to make it so State, over even have a 'winning' season. I'm hopeful of course. And good or bad, i'll keep you posted throughout the season!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Begins

Taylor and Josie just started today. Cami started last week

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fun With Froggy

The cats were having fun with their new found friend, Mr. Toad!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High Speed

This is what the kids looked like most of the weekend after getting high speed internet last friday... man, 7 years of having dial-up; after having high speed back in Topeka. we thought this day would never come since we live so far out in the country!! Thank you Embarq, and thanks to our neigbor down the road who petitioned them to bring high speed out to us!! AND it's only $3 more than we were paying for dial-up!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I told you I would

it's just after midnight. i was in bed but felt the need to blog. today josie went to a birthday swim party. tonight tracy said this was the first time josie couldn't really keep up with her friends. they would all go to the deep end and josie doesn't yet swim well enough to follow. a few friends would come by and check on her, but tracy said josie was ready to go within the hour.

overall i do pretty good at not worrying about the future for josie or how she'll be accepted. so far everyone LOVES her in our town. and though i really don't think there'll be an issue with teasing or non-acceptance, part of my heart sinks to think about her not being able to do everything her friends can, and falling behind.

maybe i'm just feeling this after watching the movie, "Taken". i had seen it before but tracy and i watched it tonight. great movie. i want to be that kind of dad. near the end the daughter sobs with tears, telling her dad, almost in disbelief, "you came for me". and he replied, "i told you i would". he would stop at nothing to protect her. ya, i want to be that kind of dad. so, maybe i'm a little caught up in the father-daughter thing. the first time i saw the movie i thought of cami. but anyway, if i just laid in bed, i never would have went to sleep so here i am, getting it off my heart. maybe i can rest now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tracy took Josie to the dermatologist yesterday for a check up following her surgery; to see about restarting her light therapy back up. BUT he says she looks so good that we don't need to continue! If she starts flaring up again (psoriasis) then we can call them. Great news!! so let's hope for no strep throat since that's what seems to set it off (it's a type of psoriasis that was originally contracted from strep).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colorado Trip

We got back from Colorado last night. I took about 380 pictures, so i'll just post a fiew here. We had a great time. the views at the cabin were amazing!

The kids standing on a huge boulder close to the cabin...
All of us on the same boulder...

This deer was walking in the yard as we pulled into the driveway...
One of the first beautiful views from the cabin...

The kids across the 'street' from the cabin. See the deer in the background?

The hot tub was quite enjoyable...

Another fantastic view from home base...

I drove Taylor and Cami to Pike's Peak summit... It was 50 at the top; 80's at bottom.

This squirrel was NOT happy about my presence. He was quite vocal about it too...

I could never get enough of this...

We went to Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods, and Old Colorado Town), Pike's Peak, and the Royal Gorge and the evenings at the cabin. We roasted marshmallows in the fireplace the first night. It was just a great time. Colorado always speaks to my heart. Part of me wishes God would bring me (the family) there permanently. Josie did very well there. We were concerned about her breathing at such a high altitude. It didn't seem to phase her.