Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ER trip

Sunday night Josie was experiencing stabbing abdominal pains. the on-call nurse/doctor recommended we take her in since it was sudden onset. they tested her urine and took blood. she had an elevated white count so they then did a CT of her abdomen. she was on an IV drip for a few hours. in the end they couldn't find anything; possible bug that's going around. by the time we left her stomach wasn't feeling as bad. she's back to normal now. Cami is kind of uder the weather and Tracy is getting sick again.... hopefully Taylor and i can stay clear of it!

Well, not to abruptly switch gears but, Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only Josie

Grandma Shirley came over last night to make Christmas cookies with the kids. They had fun. The above photo is one of Josie's cookies. She was giving him (snowman) 'rashes'. That's what the red spots are.

Tonight was Josie's First Grade Christmas Musical. She played the part of a ticket taker. The chair wasn't just for Josie to be seen over the "counter", other kids actually needed it too, ha! She did great of course!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Drama Queen

Josie was so tired this morning that she just couldn't seem to stay awake. so when we made her get off the couch to get ready to go, she preceeded to lay down on the kitchen floor. Poor baby. Life is rough when you can't get catered to 24/7.

As far as other updates, We took taylor to children's mercy yesterday to meet with a neurologist about his migraines he's had for some time and some head tics he's been displaying for the last couple months. She thinks a daily magnesium suppliment will help his migrains and for his tics, she assured us it was completely normal for kids at this age to develop quirkly little compulsive movements and they will pass.

Cami's back seems to be getting better - or at least not hurting as bad. she is trying to start dancing again, but her back is quickly speaking it's mind about the decision. She is struggling through some equally challenging 'teenage' drama. she has fully entered the "parents don't understand" phase that we all battled through. and it's been a troubling battle for us parents too (in regards to what cami is dealing with).

To end on a positive note, you may recall last February Bob and I got to go a men's retreat in Colorado. and from that has birthed a men's ministry we've begun. WELL, we just received confirmation that we've been selected to attend the "advanced" version of that camp - back in Colorado - this March. We are so totally freaking excited right now!! for more info on our ministry, please visit: http://www.wildmenks.com/

OH, and as a post script to the photo above. you'll notice, just to the left of josie's face is a black tube of chapstick. that girl is a chapstick JUNKIE! she puts it on all day. and she doesn't just put it on, she rubs it in each corner a number of times, then she makes a couple passes across her lips, then she makes two or three passes around her mouth, above and below her lips on the skin... it's quite entertaining to watch.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Traditions underway

It's a little laate in posting, but our Christmas season starts off the Friday following Thanksgiving. As a family we go out and get our live Christmas tree. We usually go out for breakfast before hand too, but this year we opted to get pizza and bring it home for lunch as we decorate. We also usually go to a local tree farm in town, but they plan to 'close shop' in the near future - not planting any new trees, so the selection is quite sparse. But even if not, i've been wanting a Frazier Fur tree, and they don't grow in our neck of the States, so i knew it would have to be a pre-cut tree. The dark photo doesn't do it justice but it's a really good looking tree. we ar all quite pleased.