Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Well, let's start with the up news (literally)...
Tracy did it! She went skydiving yesterday to celebrate turning 40 last month. She had a BLAST and is ready to do it again. A friend of ours jumped too and his feelings were the same.
Heading out to the plane.
A textbook landing

Getting a ride back to the hanger. The smile says it all!

Now, for the 'down' news. An MRI has confirmed that Cami has degenerative Disc Disease. We are going to take her to Children's Mercy because the specialists here have only offered 'pain management' and that there isn't any surgical option. How do you tell a 15 year old girl that the only relief she has to look forward to for the rest of her life is trying to manage the pain? And then, this specialist doesn't 'specialize' in Pediatrics. One of the management options he provided was to see a Rheumatologist and in the same breath told us that this specialist may not even see Cami because he doesn't deal much with pediatric patients either.... (So... why are you referring us then?!). The last time a Dr. told me nothing can be done was 7 years ago when the day Josie was born we were told she die within a year.

So we are going to CMH; maybe even to see Josie's Dr. I'd feel better to hear that there isn't anything that can be done from someone who actually specializes in pediatric spine issues. Cami is in pain every day, all day, and has been for months and has tried many of the 'management' options. i'll keep you posted.

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