Friday, November 07, 2008

CMH Update

Okay, here's the scoop from the doctor appt Tuesday:

Cami - The doc was pretty optomistic about Cami's condition and it quite confident that she doesn't need surgery and the bulging discs will heal on their own. He wasn't impressed (didn't think it was as significant) with the previous dr's degenerative disc diagnosis. She does seem to have it but very mild at this point and not contributing to her pain. He said several times that Cami presents as exceptionally well, compared to others with bulging discs - she can still move quite well. He has referred her on to a specialist in Integrative Pain Management to better manage her pain during the healing process. He suspects she may have a fair amount of depression that may be contributing to her perceiving the pain is much great than it is - NOT that she's faking - but we all know how attitude and emotion is a primary contributor to recovery and that being down and out intensifies the way you are feeling (that's all my words, not his). he thinks she will do quite well. Cami of course was not pleased with the answer. she wants surgery now to fix it. i feel bad for her.

Josie - another great report. he is going to set us up to see a plastic surgeon, just as a consult to make sure the skin on her back is doing well enough to endure the next surgery and have no issues with covering the device. as you may recall - at the last surgery he had to go back in later that day and remove the device he expanded cause it was stretching the skin too much. once we meet with the plastic surgeon and get the okay, we'll schedule surgery to replace her existing rod and put in a new rod (the one they took out). he will be using the newest generation rod design that's thinner/smaller so they'll have less trauma to the skin; they won't stick out as much. i'm sure we are looking at atleast january/february next year, and that's fine cause i set aside that surgery money through our employers flex spending account. it will save us about $300.

he is also confident that josie can continue to go long periods of time without surgeries - she still hasn't really grown into the expansions she's received previously. best case scenario is that she may only need a few more surgeries period by the time she completes puberty. that would be awesome! After this next surgery we will need to consider funding for future surgeries. we will deplete her medical fund after the next one. i don't know (economy wise) whether we can try and save money to pay for those, or if we'll need to put on another fundraiser.

okay, that's it for now!

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