Saturday, November 29, 2008

Early Christmas for Conway Springs.

Conway didn't win the state championship, as much as WE lost it. we held the lead for more than 3 1/2 quarters. with FIVE minutes left in the game we were winning 14 - 6..... then we fumbled and they recovered. they scored on that drive, and the got the 2 point conversion. then i believe we fumbled again and they recovered it and got another quick score. with a 14-6 lead and five minutes on the clock, we end up losing 22 - 14. i didn't mention our multiple penalties in that last 5 minutes.

we were the better team for FORTY-THREE minutes of a forty-eight minute game. we even shut down their all-star, OSU bound running back to just one big yard play all game long, and in less than five minutes we give him 2 touchdowns. the more i write about it the more it sickens me. we should have one that game, but ..... nevermind.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is the new shirts/sweatshirts we are getting. Personally, i'd rather leave off the "2008 class 3A, etc." so it's not "dated". i mean, we've been in the state championship game the last 7-8 years in a row. nobody questions our 'fame' when it comes to football. but it is a cool design. we'll probably be leaving no later than 8 am on saturday to drive to Hutch for the game.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Silver Lake Eagles season video!

well, it seems you can no longer directly embed YouTube video to Blogger, so here is the link to watch a video of the Eagles 2008 season against various teams.. the video quality is often poor, but still a great video from whoever posted it. please check it out and root us on Saturday November 29 as we battle for the State Championship against Conway Springs. We'll be there watching it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Headed to Hutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was actually nervous throughout the day today thinking how tough the game was going to be tonight against Riverton..... and we KILLED THEM!!!!!!

So next Saturday, November 29 we drive down to Hutchinson for the 3A state championship game against Conway Springs. I am so fired up right now i probably won't sleep for a while!

Go Big Lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Close For Comfort!!!

What a game!!! Taylor and i drove up to Marysville for the 3A Sectional championship game. Marysville scored on us within 4 minutes, but missed the extra point. We didn't score til the second quarter (making the extra point). it began to mist heavily in the third quarter - so thick it looked like fog blowing in! We held them for the remainder of the game and won, 7-6!!!
check out the exciting details

Next week we play Riverton. They are going to be every bit as tough as Marysville. they also beat gelena worse than we did. I know we can do it though! it's all lining up that we will probably be playing Garden Plain AGAIN for the state championship (third straight year). no offense to Conway Springs who plays them next week. that would be fine if they won too! we are 1 and 1 against Garden Plain for the state title. this would settle it with a best 2 out of 3 scenario, ha!

but one game at a time!!!! it'll be a fight til the end. send us your good vibes to defeat Riverton!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Lake rolls on!

Just had to drop a note to say that Silver Lake continues their playoff drive as they shut out Galena tonight, 32-0. i've lost track of how many teams we've kept scoreless this season. Next week we play Marysville. Depending on our schedule, we (maybe just Taylor and I) will drive up to see that game. i think there are just two more games (including Marysville) before the State game in Hutch. I sure hope we'll be making the drive down there again this year. "Go Big Lake!!"

Friday, November 07, 2008

CMH Update

Okay, here's the scoop from the doctor appt Tuesday:

Cami - The doc was pretty optomistic about Cami's condition and it quite confident that she doesn't need surgery and the bulging discs will heal on their own. He wasn't impressed (didn't think it was as significant) with the previous dr's degenerative disc diagnosis. She does seem to have it but very mild at this point and not contributing to her pain. He said several times that Cami presents as exceptionally well, compared to others with bulging discs - she can still move quite well. He has referred her on to a specialist in Integrative Pain Management to better manage her pain during the healing process. He suspects she may have a fair amount of depression that may be contributing to her perceiving the pain is much great than it is - NOT that she's faking - but we all know how attitude and emotion is a primary contributor to recovery and that being down and out intensifies the way you are feeling (that's all my words, not his). he thinks she will do quite well. Cami of course was not pleased with the answer. she wants surgery now to fix it. i feel bad for her.

Josie - another great report. he is going to set us up to see a plastic surgeon, just as a consult to make sure the skin on her back is doing well enough to endure the next surgery and have no issues with covering the device. as you may recall - at the last surgery he had to go back in later that day and remove the device he expanded cause it was stretching the skin too much. once we meet with the plastic surgeon and get the okay, we'll schedule surgery to replace her existing rod and put in a new rod (the one they took out). he will be using the newest generation rod design that's thinner/smaller so they'll have less trauma to the skin; they won't stick out as much. i'm sure we are looking at atleast january/february next year, and that's fine cause i set aside that surgery money through our employers flex spending account. it will save us about $300.

he is also confident that josie can continue to go long periods of time without surgeries - she still hasn't really grown into the expansions she's received previously. best case scenario is that she may only need a few more surgeries period by the time she completes puberty. that would be awesome! After this next surgery we will need to consider funding for future surgeries. we will deplete her medical fund after the next one. i don't know (economy wise) whether we can try and save money to pay for those, or if we'll need to put on another fundraiser.

okay, that's it for now!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Ups and Downs

Well, let's start with the up news (literally)...
Tracy did it! She went skydiving yesterday to celebrate turning 40 last month. She had a BLAST and is ready to do it again. A friend of ours jumped too and his feelings were the same.
Heading out to the plane.
A textbook landing

Getting a ride back to the hanger. The smile says it all!

Now, for the 'down' news. An MRI has confirmed that Cami has degenerative Disc Disease. We are going to take her to Children's Mercy because the specialists here have only offered 'pain management' and that there isn't any surgical option. How do you tell a 15 year old girl that the only relief she has to look forward to for the rest of her life is trying to manage the pain? And then, this specialist doesn't 'specialize' in Pediatrics. One of the management options he provided was to see a Rheumatologist and in the same breath told us that this specialist may not even see Cami because he doesn't deal much with pediatric patients either.... (So... why are you referring us then?!). The last time a Dr. told me nothing can be done was 7 years ago when the day Josie was born we were told she die within a year.

So we are going to CMH; maybe even to see Josie's Dr. I'd feel better to hear that there isn't anything that can be done from someone who actually specializes in pediatric spine issues. Cami is in pain every day, all day, and has been for months and has tried many of the 'management' options. i'll keep you posted.