Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying To Keep Up

Once again, so much is going on and i haven't found time to keep the blog updated so i'll miss a lot of it.

Over the last couple weeks some of us have caught the stomach bug that's going around. first me, then tracy, now cami is home sick today. her's is much more flu-like though.

taylor's football season has come to a close. it seemed to last forever since they only won one game. there is still a scrimmage planned against rossville for this saturday, but taylor wants to miss it because...

Tracy will be skydiving that day to celebrate her 40th birthday. we will go down to Osage, KS. her nephew, Keith and a co-worker of ours is going too. i'm perfectly fine watching from the ground.

this last saturday was the "Light The Night" cancer walk in topeka. the honorary person for this year's event was Hunter Treinen, Tracy's second cousin. he was featured on the radio ads, etc. it was a great event.

Cami will see a specialist about her back next week. they aren't going to send her to children's mercy afterall, yet. i'll let you know how the appointment goes (Oct. 27).
Josie gets her cast off November 3. she doesn't seem too bummed that she'll have to wear it on halloween.
then on november 5, we go to children's mercy to meet with josie's veptr doctor to see when the next rib surgery is going to be. we'll keep you posted on that as well.
oh, and the silver lake eagles remain undefeated!! there's a good chance we'll be heading to state game again, for the 8th (i think) straight year in a row! GO BIG LAKE!!!

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