Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bedtime stories

I took Josie in to see an orthopedic doctor (and long time friend) yesterday. Josie had a "buckle fracture" just above her wrist. As we waited in the casting room i began to talk with her about casts (that don't come off like her temporary one). ultimately it probably had less to do with my encouragement and more about her seeing that PINK was a color option. Couple that with the fact that she'd get the cast off before Halloween and she was all for it. and she especially liked that i suggested all her friends could sign it.

On the way back to school she talked about liking her cast. i told her everyone will think it's so cool, and she agreed, but replied with annoyance, "everyone's going to be following me all over!". Josie is keenly aware that everyone knows her and thinks she's the greatest - but she is quite clear about her displeasure with everyone giving her so much attention at times. kids will tell her hi in passing and Josie will turn to tracy or i and and say, "i don't even know who that is!".

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