Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day at the pumpkin patch

We went to "Gary's Berries" last Saturday. Taylor has been wanting to go through the corn maize they make every year. Josie wanted to pick out pumpkins. It was fun. It only took taylor and i 18 minutes to make it through the maize. the first year we were in there for over an hour.

Sunday afternoon, Josie was playing doctor again. She doesn't do it as much any more so i had to take a snapshot when i could... (the larger blue tub is full of all the medical equipment we've collected over the years - mainly IV tubing, pulmonary function tools, etc.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying To Keep Up

Once again, so much is going on and i haven't found time to keep the blog updated so i'll miss a lot of it.

Over the last couple weeks some of us have caught the stomach bug that's going around. first me, then tracy, now cami is home sick today. her's is much more flu-like though.

taylor's football season has come to a close. it seemed to last forever since they only won one game. there is still a scrimmage planned against rossville for this saturday, but taylor wants to miss it because...

Tracy will be skydiving that day to celebrate her 40th birthday. we will go down to Osage, KS. her nephew, Keith and a co-worker of ours is going too. i'm perfectly fine watching from the ground.

this last saturday was the "Light The Night" cancer walk in topeka. the honorary person for this year's event was Hunter Treinen, Tracy's second cousin. he was featured on the radio ads, etc. it was a great event.

Cami will see a specialist about her back next week. they aren't going to send her to children's mercy afterall, yet. i'll let you know how the appointment goes (Oct. 27).
Josie gets her cast off November 3. she doesn't seem too bummed that she'll have to wear it on halloween.
then on november 5, we go to children's mercy to meet with josie's veptr doctor to see when the next rib surgery is going to be. we'll keep you posted on that as well.
oh, and the silver lake eagles remain undefeated!! there's a good chance we'll be heading to state game again, for the 8th (i think) straight year in a row! GO BIG LAKE!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

K-STATE Stadium

Taylor had a great time today playing at K-State. We lost, but he liked playing there all the same. The Wamego Red Raiders are really good for their age. they looked better than even the teams in our regular league. the last picture is Josie and one of her classmates.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

some good some bad

i took this photo of Taylor (24) after he made a fumble recovery. i didn't even realize it was him when i was taking the picture. this was our "home game" we play each season. each team in the league gets to play a game on their home field (we play all other games at the Sport Zone arena in Topeka). The first play of the game we threw a touchdown pass and continued to hold the 7-0 lead through amost a full three quarters.. then, well the bottom fell out and we lost 7-14. But taylor's name was called a number of times during the game for tackles, etc. it was great. unfortunately taylor's team is still winless. we were placed in the wrong league this year. sport zone thought we blew everyone out last year.... wrong silver lake team. we lost most of ours. but we didn't find out we were in the wrong league until half way through the season. i'm pretty sure we are done with the Sport Zone. it's just been one bad experience after another with them for three years now. i'll just leave it at that.

One thing that's exciting is that taylor's team will be playing Wamego tomorrow on the K-STATE field!!!! we'll be taking tons of video and pictures during thta game. i know it's going to be totally exciting for the kids.

Another great thing is Silver Lake (high school) just won the District Title last night against Riley County and remains undefeated this season!!!

To the bad news... We learned yesterday that Cami has two bulging discs in her lower back. not sure how she got them. the doctor in Topeka wants her to be seen at Children's Mercy in KC (where Josie goes for her surgeries). Surely Cami's dancing is going to be halted til further notice. she is not going to like that. i'll certainly post you after we meet wit the specialist there. that would be cool if it happened to be Josie's back doctor.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

bedtime stories

I took Josie in to see an orthopedic doctor (and long time friend) yesterday. Josie had a "buckle fracture" just above her wrist. As we waited in the casting room i began to talk with her about casts (that don't come off like her temporary one). ultimately it probably had less to do with my encouragement and more about her seeing that PINK was a color option. Couple that with the fact that she'd get the cast off before Halloween and she was all for it. and she especially liked that i suggested all her friends could sign it.

On the way back to school she talked about liking her cast. i told her everyone will think it's so cool, and she agreed, but replied with annoyance, "everyone's going to be following me all over!". Josie is keenly aware that everyone knows her and thinks she's the greatest - but she is quite clear about her displeasure with everyone giving her so much attention at times. kids will tell her hi in passing and Josie will turn to tracy or i and and say, "i don't even know who that is!".

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Teeter Totter Topple

We received a call yestderday afternoon from school that Josie fell at recess and hurt her arm - for which they cannot get her calmed down from. Our school doesn't currently have a full time nurse and she wasn't there at the time. Tracy went and picked her up. she complained of her arm hurting the remainder of the night and said she wanted to see the doctor. i took her in this morning for an x-ray and she indeed has a fracture near her wrist. We will see an orthopedist next week to see how to proceed.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Making history!!!

Tonight, not only did Silver Lake remain undefeated by beating St. Mary's (also undefeated going into this game) with a score of 36-14, but our head coach C.J. Hamilton has just joined the ranks of the elite!

Tonight C.J. won his 300th game - all at Silver Lake. He joins only two other coaches in Kansas High School football HISTORY to obtain such status!! They passed out those yellow flyers in the last few minutes of the game for our whole side to hold up in his honor (and to wave at the very quiet St. Mary's fans and players).