Friday, September 26, 2008

Move over Mr. Sticky

Well, i have to come to the realization that i've raised Mr. Sticky as much as i can. He's an adult now and comes and goes as he please. I have to trust i've instilled in him the right knowledge and morals and that he'll live those out. I haven't seen him in several days now.

But i have a new pet to write about - though i get the creepies just thinking about it. But, this morning as i leaned back in my chair at work and looked at the ceiling, i noticed a large brown spot in the flourescent light (i never turn those lights on cause one side of my office is windows). i couldn't make it out cause of the distortion in the plastic. I had a suspiction but went about my business. i looked back up a few moments later and the 'spot' had moved.

Well, the truth is, we have common pest here... cockroaches. but not like the ones that live at your house. these are about two inches long and and inch wide. one has obviously gotten in the light fixture and now can't get out. yes, i get the creepy shivers just thinking about this guy right over my head. but i don't really want to open the light and get him out either. so, for the time being, i give you...the African Gigantus Cockroachus Creepius, AKA Mr. Spot:

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