Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Attack is Back

Josie always complains that she's cold in the morning. it's not cold, she's just difficult.

as for me, i've been dealing with my lower back for just over a week and a half now. usually when it goes out, it's fine in 3-4 days. we are on day 11. it has never been messed up for this long. i went to the chiropractor 6 days after the incident and had some very minor, brief relief. there is some relief in general. what was once a "9" on the pain scale is about a "6.5" now. i guess i should see my doctor but if it's muscular, that won't show up on x-rays. i started taking some muscle relaxers this morning that i had gotten last year for my back, but they're a year old and probably no good, however, they are making me quite drowsy. they haven't taken the pain away so now i'm just sore and ready to fall asleep.

there was no defining incident that messed my back up, but a combination of activities i think that just wore it out over the weekend of the men's retreat. it's deep in my lower spine; my sacrum. it feels like it's my hips.

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