Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching Up (again)

Alright, it's been a couple weeks since i've posted. Last weekend the Men's retreat was excellent. Bob and I couldn't have really asked for a better outcome - especially since it was our first attemp. Men loved it and were excited about bringing a bunch of other men next year (though we hadn't express to them there was going to be a next year). So it was a clear sense of God's desire for us to keep moving forward with this stuff. Very exciting!! Below are two pictures from Living Water Ranch, where we were. The first is the "Jesus Hill" and the second is the view of Tuttle Creek from our cabin.

Yesterday the kids noticed a tree frog was hanging out on our front door. Last night about bedtime i noticed the little guy was still there, making his way up the window so i snapped a shot.

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