Friday, September 26, 2008

Move over Mr. Sticky

Well, i have to come to the realization that i've raised Mr. Sticky as much as i can. He's an adult now and comes and goes as he please. I have to trust i've instilled in him the right knowledge and morals and that he'll live those out. I haven't seen him in several days now.

But i have a new pet to write about - though i get the creepies just thinking about it. But, this morning as i leaned back in my chair at work and looked at the ceiling, i noticed a large brown spot in the flourescent light (i never turn those lights on cause one side of my office is windows). i couldn't make it out cause of the distortion in the plastic. I had a suspiction but went about my business. i looked back up a few moments later and the 'spot' had moved.

Well, the truth is, we have common pest here... cockroaches. but not like the ones that live at your house. these are about two inches long and and inch wide. one has obviously gotten in the light fixture and now can't get out. yes, i get the creepy shivers just thinking about this guy right over my head. but i don't really want to open the light and get him out either. so, for the time being, i give you...the African Gigantus Cockroachus Creepius, AKA Mr. Spot:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Subscribe to Josie's Blog!

Click on the link to the right (and down a little bit) that says 'subscribe to Josie's blog'. it gives you a message whenever there's a new post on her site. that way you don't have to worry about missing any updates. Especially the ongoing adventures of Mr. Sticky. on the drop down menu it lists a number of 'feed readers' that will receive the message when her site is updated - so you'd have to already have access to that, like google and yahoo.

i think i'll put a subscription link on the other photograph pages i have too. they just put another one on the news a couple nights ago during the weather forcast. if you like seeing the pictures i regularly take (sunsets, sunrises, storms, etc). there are more sunsets than anything.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr. Sticky's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What wonderful news!!! I am so happy!
I was upstairs, ironing my clothes for tomorrow and Tracy comes up and says, nonchalantly, "the tree frog is back".... like it's no big deal!! This is reason to celebrate! I had to rush down stairs and see for myself - and then get the word out to you as fast as i could. I'm sure there were people out there praying for Mr. Sticky and I appreciate that so much.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Tooth

I forgot to submit this yesterday, but, because Josie is so adorable and touches so many people...
just about every float that passed had kids yelling Josie's name and throwing her candy. The picture above is what Josie came home with. To put it in perspective, that bowl would hold at least a gallon of liquid.

Now for the sad news... Mr. Sticky has not yet returned. I fear the worst. On the door today is one of those very large black and yellow spiders. Mr. Scary pants spider probably chased Mr. Sticky off. I don't like spiders. We also seem to have an abundance of those lime green looking grasshoppers on the porch. I don't like them either. Farewell Mr. Sticky, farewell.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Homecoming '08 (It's hard to be humble)

Today was Silver Lake's homecoming - and our football game was against none other than our rivals - the Rossville Bulldawgs. The media has coined the phrase, "War on 24" every time we play each other. (for those of you unfamiliar, '24' is the 2-lane highway that runs through each of our towns. we're just a few miles apart)

This is how to TP a house! Small town kids know how to do it right.

This is the 5th grade (Taylor's) football team float. They took 2nd place.

So, to the game. I had to leave at the end of the 1st quarter to drive half an hour to Cami's school and watch her perform at half time, then turn around and drive back to Silver Lake to catch the rest of the game. When i left, it was 13 - 0, Silver Lake. When i returned with 3 minutes still left in the 3rd quarter the score was 40 - 0! The announcer stated over the loud speaker, "According to league rules, the play clock will now run continuously for the remainder of the game." Must have been cause we were 40 points ahead. Silver Lake went on to score another touchdown with less than a minute left on the clock and still managed to kick the extra point with 3 seconds left.

Big Lake wins BIG tonight; 47 - 0!!! I'll enjoy watching the highlights on the news here shortly. It was also the "game of the week" so they'll replay it again this weekend i think.

As for Mr. Sticky, I don't see him on the window tonight. Hope he's alright. I haven't gone out to check on him. He may have gone to the game too. I imagine it would take him a long time to hop back 6 miles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Sticky Fingers

Mr. Sticky Fingers (Sticky, for short), that's my new name for him, was back at home base tonight. It's hard to see but the red circle in the photo is a small moth that is caught in a spider web. i appropriately identified the circle as "dinner". it's not going to end well for the moth....

Poor moth. i couldn't snap the picture fast enough to catch Sticky in action. The moth did put up a little fight, however brief it was.

I give you Mr. Sticky Fingers... pay no attention to the door that is in desperate need of repainting. Sticky doesn't seem to mind, so i'm okay with it too!

The Tree Frog Chronicles

Mr. Frog is perservering. he has traveled from the middle of the right french door to the left side of the ledge of the transom window above the door. if he stays there he'll have a steady feast of bugs. i'll continue to bring you the status of his travels.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Attack is Back

Josie always complains that she's cold in the morning. it's not cold, she's just difficult.

as for me, i've been dealing with my lower back for just over a week and a half now. usually when it goes out, it's fine in 3-4 days. we are on day 11. it has never been messed up for this long. i went to the chiropractor 6 days after the incident and had some very minor, brief relief. there is some relief in general. what was once a "9" on the pain scale is about a "6.5" now. i guess i should see my doctor but if it's muscular, that won't show up on x-rays. i started taking some muscle relaxers this morning that i had gotten last year for my back, but they're a year old and probably no good, however, they are making me quite drowsy. they haven't taken the pain away so now i'm just sore and ready to fall asleep.

there was no defining incident that messed my back up, but a combination of activities i think that just wore it out over the weekend of the men's retreat. it's deep in my lower spine; my sacrum. it feels like it's my hips.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching Up (again)

Alright, it's been a couple weeks since i've posted. Last weekend the Men's retreat was excellent. Bob and I couldn't have really asked for a better outcome - especially since it was our first attemp. Men loved it and were excited about bringing a bunch of other men next year (though we hadn't express to them there was going to be a next year). So it was a clear sense of God's desire for us to keep moving forward with this stuff. Very exciting!! Below are two pictures from Living Water Ranch, where we were. The first is the "Jesus Hill" and the second is the view of Tuttle Creek from our cabin.

Yesterday the kids noticed a tree frog was hanging out on our front door. Last night about bedtime i noticed the little guy was still there, making his way up the window so i snapped a shot.