Friday, August 15, 2008

Partial good news!!

The detective on our burglary case sent me a photo of a jewelry box matching Tracy's that shows a bunch of jewelry inside. the box looked just like hers but the jewelry was too fuzzy tell what they were. however, i happen to notice a small padlock that was partially visible and i asked him if it said "TSA" on the lock. it did! when seeing the padlock i remembered that i had our luggage padlocks in the jewelry box (no reason). the detective said, "that's good enough" to confiscate all the items. about an hour later tracy and i went to the sheriff's department to look at the jewelry. The jewelry box was Tracy's, but damaged. and few pieces of jewelry were identified as hers, including the gold locket with taylor and josie's picutres still in it! but the chain was gone. the other two pieces of jewelry were actually ones we DIDN'T have on the list (but not expensive either). and i got my luggage padlocks back!! ha! i didn't have those on the stolen property list either cause i didn't think of them til i saw the picture the detective sent us.

now for the less than great news, the owner's home that the property was found in is a long time ciminal in Topeka. but since so much time has passed since the burglary, he can only be charged with possession of stolen property. he was already in jail on a parole violation so our property is in addition to the legal trouble he's already in. but there were several other burglary case property items found in his home as well - one from about 3 years ago!

we are hoping this new info will help put Taylor at ease. he still will not go to sleep unless we are in his room (we sit just inside the door til he falls asleep).

our biggest prayer right now is that when the detective talks with the guy on Monday, that he'll confess to at least where the other jewelry is. we don't have any false hope in this - he is a 'seasoned criminal' and will likely not divulge any info at all. but that's what prayer's for, right?

and also prayer that this event will help ease taylor's fears. he said that was 'cool' when i called to tell him the good news.

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