Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home Invasion

Most all of you know that our house was burglarized last thursday. I just finished installing a new, steel, door today. And a security system will be installed ASAP. it's sad it comes to this efore taking these kinds of precautions. plus, you just have this naivity that you're so far out in the country that your safe from stuff like this. Tracy learned yesterday that three other silver lake residents were burglarized too! must be the same person/group. taylor continues to be completely freaked out about it. tracy said he cried on the way home from football practice last night. he won't go anywhere by himself.

as for Josie.... i stayed home Friday to await the potential return of the thief (as there were MANY goods they did not take). no such luck. but the FIRST thing josie asked me when they got home was, "daddy, did he come back?" with a smile on her face. she was ready to hear about daddy getting the bad guy.

now we are just rying to compile a list of all the jewelry that was taken and rounding up other receipts. that's all for now.

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