Monday, August 18, 2008

Fireplace is done!

A friend of ours from church came over this last weekend and rebuilt (refaced) our fireplace. i love the structural desing of the original, but it was cracking all over and falling apart and we wouldn't have been able to 'preserve' it for use. So we gave our friend free reign to desing something else. this is what we got. it's a tumbled brick so it looks old with chips and scratches and looks like it's been there. it will also be a little lighter than what you see. that brick soaks up a ton of moisture from the mortar. what do you think? (i've just gotta put crown molding back up).

OH, and the first thing Josie asked as they were cleaning up and she was thuroughly inspecting the new structure.... she asked is Santa could still get down this one! our friend asured her that Santa was going to LOVE this one.

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Bob Lane said...

Looks great!