Monday, August 11, 2008

Continued attacks

Josie took it upon herself to make this collage of the pictures in her photo box. if you click on it, it enlarge it so you can see the individual photos.

The Enemy seems to be working overtime on the Martin Family - or just me personally. I know he doesn't want this men's retreat i am co-hosting in September to happen. It's a copy of the men's retreat Bob and I went to in Colorado last February.
Yerstday afternoon Josie woke from her nap with a 101.9 fever. By evening it was 103.9. She had massive tonsils and then she threw up. Taylor is still struggling with the break in and requires us to often lay with him at bedtime so he won't fall asleep at alone. i'm downstairs with Josie, Tracy's upstairs with Taylor and i get a call... It's Courtney saying she's on the way with Cami to the hospital, via abulance.
Cami was experiencing shortness of breath and a high heart rate. She later was throwing up at the hospital. i called a local nurse helpline to see if i needed to bring Josie to the doctor. i was torn about leaving to go be with Cami when Josie is also on the verge of needing medical attention. so i thought i'd check to see if i should just bring her in with me to the ER.... The decision was no so i headed off a little after 1:00am to see Cami. All her tests came out fine (with the exception of an elevated white count in her urine). So i left for home at 3:00am and getting in bed by 3:30; waking at 6:0o to go to work. i took the afternoon of to go back home and rest.
Tracy took Josie to the doctor today to find it's only viral.... nothing we can do, except to take off more work while she has this fever. I will most likely be staying home tomorrow with her.
That's it in a nutshell - so far. Cami is home and resting. i'll call and check on her in a little bit. she has to take off the next 48 hours of dance practice that started up today.
Well, Josie is asking me when i'm going to come color with her (i keep telling her when i'm done with this blog) - so i better go. i'll let you know of any new developments (like that the new combination of creams for her psoriasis may not be helping afterall).....

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