Monday, June 23, 2008

Taylor's the bomb!

Taylor had his last regular season baseball game last night. He pitched the first three innings. he hasn't pitched 3 before, just 2. He threw 33 pitches TOTAL for all three innings, or an average of 11 pitches an inning. Only one batter got on base so we're talking he only threw, roughly 2-3 "balls" per inning, or no more than one per batter (average). He was a strike machine!!

AND he got the last out of the game to clinch the win. He was playing short stop and a grounder was hit right at him. The runner on second ran in front of Taylor just as the ball was getting there and we (mom and dad) thought for sure his view would be obscured an it would zing right past him... but NO! He snatched it up and threw it to first base to clinch the 4-1 win over the team they lost to twice before. (the one batter that hit off taylor was their only scoring run).

His post season tournament will start later this week. we ended up going 8 and 8. our first tournament game will be against the number 2 team... of course.

Josie has three more games then we'll be done for the summer.

Taylor will start golf lessons in a week. i know he's looking forward to that.

Cami went to dance camp two weekends ago (Emporia) and received a few ribbons. Her team won some awards as well. Tracy and i drove over there to see the performance.

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