Monday, June 23, 2008

Taylor's the bomb!

Taylor had his last regular season baseball game last night. He pitched the first three innings. he hasn't pitched 3 before, just 2. He threw 33 pitches TOTAL for all three innings, or an average of 11 pitches an inning. Only one batter got on base so we're talking he only threw, roughly 2-3 "balls" per inning, or no more than one per batter (average). He was a strike machine!!

AND he got the last out of the game to clinch the win. He was playing short stop and a grounder was hit right at him. The runner on second ran in front of Taylor just as the ball was getting there and we (mom and dad) thought for sure his view would be obscured an it would zing right past him... but NO! He snatched it up and threw it to first base to clinch the 4-1 win over the team they lost to twice before. (the one batter that hit off taylor was their only scoring run).

His post season tournament will start later this week. we ended up going 8 and 8. our first tournament game will be against the number 2 team... of course.

Josie has three more games then we'll be done for the summer.

Taylor will start golf lessons in a week. i know he's looking forward to that.

Cami went to dance camp two weekends ago (Emporia) and received a few ribbons. Her team won some awards as well. Tracy and i drove over there to see the performance.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taylor's Braces

I forgot to post a couple weeks ago that Taylor got his 'partial' braces on! Not sure why they're just partial. i understand the concept that if these do the trick he wouldn't need full braces. But let's be real, his teeth are jacked up. I'm not being mean, mine were too. And these partial braces have these super thin wires that constantly come out of the back bands, many times a day. So let's not waste time with this, just put em all on man! He has done very well with them so far, that's a plus.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm a cowgirl!!

"I'm a cowgirl, take my picture, Daddy!!"

"Take another picture, with my horse..."

Saturday, June 07, 2008

what boys and girls are made of...

Tonight while Taylor enjoyed getting dirty planting flowers from Grandma Shirley....
Josie made a home for a caterpillar she found in the yard.....
(the final home, as i type this, is a ceramic dish with many more leaves and grass and a little bit of water)

Catching up again!

once again, lots of things have been happening in the Martin household and dad is behind as usual, getting them posted. It's been so busy and right now i have a full-blown cold/bronchitis spell so on a 'miserable scale' i'm at about an 8. Here's what else has been going on:

5/27/08 - Josie found these "special" rocks in our driveway and told me to take a picture and put them on her website...

5/31/08 - Bob, myself and a couple guys from our Band Of Brothers (Wild at Heart) Bible Study ended our study with a campout at Living Water Ranch, just north of Manhattan. This is where we will be having our Wild at Heart Boot Camp in September. This is the view from atop the "Jesus" hill overlooking Tuttle Creek. You can't see well from the small photo but there is a bird that regularly sits on the left side of the cross.

6/5/08 - i finally get to start building my study/office!!! Taylor and i were scraping up all the linolium tile off the plywood (that covers the hardwood floors). Josie wanted to do whatever she could to help out. Here she is cooling us off with a handheld fan.

6/5/08 - A bird has made a massive nest above our back door. You can see the entry hole in the middle of it.

6/6/08 - Josie's shoe finally came in with the lift built into the sole. She walks really well with it. We thought it'd take some getting used to. that's a half inch lift. she'll need at least an inch before her hips really level out. she has immediately noticed that it looks different and bigger. we are trying to reassure her that it's not that noticeable. we need to get a couple more pairs made; one for gym class when school starts.

6/6/08 - last night was "Dreamnight at the Zoo" put on by the Capper Foundation for all their special needs kids. this is Josie's 3rd year going. she had a rain make up t-ball game that was scheduled for last night but she wanted to go here instead... good choice.
that's it for now. i am supposed to be ripping up the plywood flooring in the office today, but i feel so miserable it's hard to get motivated, but i can't get behind either. i want to finish the room by the end of summer. Taylor has a game this afternoon in the 90 degree weather. i imagine my miserable scale will be 10+.