Monday, May 26, 2008

Union Station

We spent the day at Science City in the Union Station (Kansas City, MO) today. The kids had a blast running from place to place. as you can tell from the photo, Josie particularly liked the operating room.

We also went through the "Bodies Revealed" exibit. man was THAT cool! real 'cadavers' that have been peeled away and sliced, etc to reveal the inside of us. the kids thought it was really cool too. it took us about 40 minutes to puruse all the people and 'items'. had we not had the kids with us it would be the more typical 60-90 minutes to go through it and really see it all.

We also went to a planetarium show. i thought it was gowing to be more "grown up", but it was an animated type show on the mythology of a few constellations.

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