Monday, May 12, 2008

Move Over Mantle!

There is a new number seven in town.

Josie had her first T-ball game tonight. her first at bat, first pitch and she NAILED it to third base (the coach pitches a few before puting the T up). i video'd it on our camera, but at 33Mb it's too big to put on this site. i took plenty of other pictures of course. She really did great and she was loving every minute of it. her face was priceless when she hit that first ball; mouth wide open in excitement - grinning ear to ear as she ran to first base. and in the field she was all business. while most other kids were busy playing in the dirt, sitting in the grass, looking at the other games, Josie stayed, just as you see her above. eyes focused on the play at hand. she fielded a number of balls too.
now, totally off the subject.... i took Josie today to see an orthopedist to get her shoe "elevated" - where they build up the sole of the shoe to compensate for her shorter leg. it'll be ready in about a week. i'll take a picture of Josie showing off her new shoes. we bought them today at the mall so she'd have a nice new pair to work with. We visted Kids Foot Locker. I think they are Reeboks. She had the same pair before but a different color.


Anonymous said...

Every day, Josie amazes me with her ability to do whatever she sets her mind to. She's truly a blessing!


pmradio said...

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

- Your cousin Paul