Thursday, May 22, 2008

activity update

I don't feel right about posting some 'fun' stuff when i've just posted about the tragic news about the Chapman family. Our computer has been down for a week and i've just now got the chance to post some pics and news about the kids...
Taylor is picking up the nickname "sidewinder" now since he pitches sidearm. the coaches would like for him to try pitching overhand (or whatever 'normal' is). he is just so accurate throwing sidearm but does not have much speed. he strikes most the batters out, but it would still be nice for him to build up more speed. We'll work on that over the winter i suppose. I think he is feeling much more confident with baseball. He's always loved playing and was 'good', but i think he's getting much more encouragement hearing praises from the coaches and other parents. i don't remember the last time he had an error and he knows he's one of the best all around players on the team and is the best pitcher we have. It's good to see his confidence in himself.
Josie and Taylor got to have a little fun over the weekend washing the car.
Today Taylor got his "partial braces" on. if this does the trick he won't have to wear a full set of braces top and bottom.
Cami will be starting driver's ed in a couple weeks. i've let her drive from time to time out in the country. she does quite well. however, quiet country roads are quite different from busy city streets. i know she'll do well.

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