Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Typical teenager! Cami, while majorly doped up on morphine, makes effort to text all her friends.

this photo was taken TODAY! we had another scare. Cami went to the ER last night with severe pain again and the meds weren't working. they took a CT and discovered fluid in her abdomen. It appeared her ovary was bleeding again. We were looking at surgery again to correct. however, a recent blood count showed she was not actively losing blood. it is likely some fluid or small amount of blood from the first surgery. So, an hour before surgery was to commence today, we opted out, with the doctors support. everything else is fine with her. we aren't sure what was causing the pain last night. for that reason, we still hold some skepticism that everything's peachy - but nothing can be found at this time. Cami will need to stay the night to transition back from morphine drip to oral meds and to make sure she is doing well before releasing her. i will stay the night with her tonight.

just wanted to give you a fast update!

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Steve J said...

Give Cami our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Steve,Rainbow & Leo over here in England.