Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Surgery Times Two

Josie's pre-op appointments are set for tomorrow. Then this AM we discovered the Cami has cyst that ruptured and she needs surgery. It would have been today had she not eaten today. but it's tomorrow.

the problem is, Josie's pre-op appts last all afternoon. we'll be lucky to get out by 4:00 which puts us back in topeka no earlier than 5:00PM. Cami's laporoscopy surgery is scheduled for.... 5:00PM. i just hope we can make it back before she wakes up in recovery. They say it'll just be about a 30 minute surgery.

so, my prayer request for you guys is that all three of josie's appointments occur on time and we get outa there as early as possible tomorrow! i'll check back in tomorrow evening and tell you what that status is on Josie and Cami.


Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you & the girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm nervous for Cami's surgery and her's is "minor" compared to what Josie goes throug... I admire you and Tracy and your strength!