Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Josie Update

Things went smoothely and ahead of scheduled until we met with her 'back doctor'. he has some concern about her hips. they've never been level but the fact that her right leg is shorter, it's making the curvature in her lower back worse, basically (the real answer is too techincal to explain). so we are going to start implementing a shoe lift; where the sole of the shoe is built up. she needs a good inch. we are going to start out with a 1/2 lift to get her used to it. we have to call around to the company that does it and talk to them about it. insurance may not cover it. so that's part one.

now better news... we're gonna go another 6 months without surgery. she continues to do very well. she is not in need of an expansion. this way we can continue to get her back healed of the psoriasis and her skin itself fully restored. at that time they'll replace her existing rod with a longer one (and probably the next generation titanium rod that's thinner). and for the rod that he took out, he'll replace that also with the new style rod - but is not sure yet if it will be the regular 'rib to rib' configuration or if the new rod will attach from her top rib down to her lower spine. he is probably going to do the latter choice since she'll eventually need it anyway.

she did some pumonary function tests for the first time ever. those were really cool! not that actual test - that's just blowing into a large tube contraption. the cool part was they have these animated programs on a computer screen for visual effect to engage them in blowing. the first was seven birthday candles burning. as josie blew, the candles on the screen went out as she continued to blow harder and longer. then they increase the level she needed to blow and she couldn't blow them all out, so then they dropped the level back down a little and she could blow them all out. it was like she was really blowing out candles in a computer monitor. then there was a hot air balloon she 'blew' up. and another one with a baloon she had to keep blowing til it reached the 'ceiling' and popped. it was ingenious.

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