Monday, April 14, 2008

7th inning freeze

Taylor had a pre-season baseball tournament this last weekend. it was so cold that other high school and college games were cancelled. Friday night (i was home sick with the stomache flu), Tracy endured the literal freezing windchill. Saturday morning we woke to falling snow. it was still flurrying when Taylor's 12:00 game started at 1:00 and we were out there since 11:15. The north wind seemed to be a sustained 30 MPH. His second game was at 6:00. substract the 40 minutes inside a restaraunt for lunch and taylor i braved the wind-whipping, bone chilling temps for 8 hours. sunday morning was no relief. it was to be a promising high of 50, but again, with the significant wind gusts, at 11:15, it was still in the 30's. enough pity party...

Taylor's team placed 5th over all. they played well for the first time out this year. Taylor pitched exceptionally well. with each compiment from parents and coaches i welled with pride that Taylor is such a consistent pitcher. his last game he pitched two inning and held the opponents hitless; three-up-three down each inning. As one coach told me, "taylor doesn't throw fast but 90% of the time he throws a strike... if we would have pitched him our first game, we would have won."

as i alluded to before, thursday morning i rapidly came down with the stomache flu of some sort. it was a mild case actually, but bad enough you feel like you constantly need to throw up. by late evening the muscle aches set in. it was enough just to feel very uncomfortable. Friday morning i felt somewhat better, but the upset stomache feeling came off and on so i elected to stay home another day. By that night i was relatively back to normal, but felt wiped out.

I believe Cami is still on the mend. as we were both home sick we would text each other back and forth on the cell phones. i believe she went to school today. i'm anxious to see how it went and how she's feeling.

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