Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Man it's been a while since i posted last. We've been very busy, but i guess just not news-worthy stuff. This is a picture Tracy took of Taylor at last Sunday's game. Taylor was safe, and they won the game.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Typical teenager! Cami, while majorly doped up on morphine, makes effort to text all her friends.

this photo was taken TODAY! we had another scare. Cami went to the ER last night with severe pain again and the meds weren't working. they took a CT and discovered fluid in her abdomen. It appeared her ovary was bleeding again. We were looking at surgery again to correct. however, a recent blood count showed she was not actively losing blood. it is likely some fluid or small amount of blood from the first surgery. So, an hour before surgery was to commence today, we opted out, with the doctors support. everything else is fine with her. we aren't sure what was causing the pain last night. for that reason, we still hold some skepticism that everything's peachy - but nothing can be found at this time. Cami will need to stay the night to transition back from morphine drip to oral meds and to make sure she is doing well before releasing her. i will stay the night with her tonight.

just wanted to give you a fast update!

Monday, April 14, 2008

7th inning freeze

Taylor had a pre-season baseball tournament this last weekend. it was so cold that other high school and college games were cancelled. Friday night (i was home sick with the stomache flu), Tracy endured the literal freezing windchill. Saturday morning we woke to falling snow. it was still flurrying when Taylor's 12:00 game started at 1:00 and we were out there since 11:15. The north wind seemed to be a sustained 30 MPH. His second game was at 6:00. substract the 40 minutes inside a restaraunt for lunch and taylor i braved the wind-whipping, bone chilling temps for 8 hours. sunday morning was no relief. it was to be a promising high of 50, but again, with the significant wind gusts, at 11:15, it was still in the 30's. enough pity party...

Taylor's team placed 5th over all. they played well for the first time out this year. Taylor pitched exceptionally well. with each compiment from parents and coaches i welled with pride that Taylor is such a consistent pitcher. his last game he pitched two inning and held the opponents hitless; three-up-three down each inning. As one coach told me, "taylor doesn't throw fast but 90% of the time he throws a strike... if we would have pitched him our first game, we would have won."

as i alluded to before, thursday morning i rapidly came down with the stomache flu of some sort. it was a mild case actually, but bad enough you feel like you constantly need to throw up. by late evening the muscle aches set in. it was enough just to feel very uncomfortable. Friday morning i felt somewhat better, but the upset stomache feeling came off and on so i elected to stay home another day. By that night i was relatively back to normal, but felt wiped out.

I believe Cami is still on the mend. as we were both home sick we would text each other back and forth on the cell phones. i believe she went to school today. i'm anxious to see how it went and how she's feeling.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

FYI on comments

due to the spam issue i was dealing with on this site with the "comments", i have changed the preferences to allow me to 'accept or deny' the comment post before it's actually put on the site. so if you post a comment on one of my blog entries, it will not show up right away. i should get it on there withint 24 hours.

By the way, Cami did not go home last night but should be getting released this AM. All is well still.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Josie Update

Things went smoothely and ahead of scheduled until we met with her 'back doctor'. he has some concern about her hips. they've never been level but the fact that her right leg is shorter, it's making the curvature in her lower back worse, basically (the real answer is too techincal to explain). so we are going to start implementing a shoe lift; where the sole of the shoe is built up. she needs a good inch. we are going to start out with a 1/2 lift to get her used to it. we have to call around to the company that does it and talk to them about it. insurance may not cover it. so that's part one.

now better news... we're gonna go another 6 months without surgery. she continues to do very well. she is not in need of an expansion. this way we can continue to get her back healed of the psoriasis and her skin itself fully restored. at that time they'll replace her existing rod with a longer one (and probably the next generation titanium rod that's thinner). and for the rod that he took out, he'll replace that also with the new style rod - but is not sure yet if it will be the regular 'rib to rib' configuration or if the new rod will attach from her top rib down to her lower spine. he is probably going to do the latter choice since she'll eventually need it anyway.

she did some pumonary function tests for the first time ever. those were really cool! not that actual test - that's just blowing into a large tube contraption. the cool part was they have these animated programs on a computer screen for visual effect to engage them in blowing. the first was seven birthday candles burning. as josie blew, the candles on the screen went out as she continued to blow harder and longer. then they increase the level she needed to blow and she couldn't blow them all out, so then they dropped the level back down a little and she could blow them all out. it was like she was really blowing out candles in a computer monitor. then there was a hot air balloon she 'blew' up. and another one with a baloon she had to keep blowing til it reached the 'ceiling' and popped. it was ingenious.

Cami Update

Surgery went well; very fast (20-25 minutes). she had a cyst on her right ovary that had ruptured. they got everything cleaned up and out and she is a-okay. no other complications, no issues for down the road. i spent a good part of the time in recovery with her. she never really woke up. then they took her to her room and she remained fairly 'out of it'.

here's how God worked today, Josie's last appointment ran LONG and we didn't even leave KC until 4:30 which gave me 30 minutes to get to Topeka. We got to town at 5:30 and shortly after that Cami's mother let me know that Cami had just went into surgery. so overything worked out perfectly. God didn't all for Josie's appointments to get done early. instead He delayed Cami's surgery so i could get there 'on time' still.

Cami is able to go home tonight still as long as she drinks and urinates. however, seeing how she has no intentions of really getting up - i'm not going to be surprized at all if she has to stay the night.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Surgery Times Two

Josie's pre-op appointments are set for tomorrow. Then this AM we discovered the Cami has cyst that ruptured and she needs surgery. It would have been today had she not eaten today. but it's tomorrow.

the problem is, Josie's pre-op appts last all afternoon. we'll be lucky to get out by 4:00 which puts us back in topeka no earlier than 5:00PM. Cami's laporoscopy surgery is scheduled for.... 5:00PM. i just hope we can make it back before she wakes up in recovery. They say it'll just be about a 30 minute surgery.

so, my prayer request for you guys is that all three of josie's appointments occur on time and we get outa there as early as possible tomorrow! i'll check back in tomorrow evening and tell you what that status is on Josie and Cami.