Friday, March 14, 2008

IEP graduate!

Tracy actually took this picture. i was five miles away at Taylor's baseball practice and noticed the sunset and called tracy and asked her to run out and take a picture, quick!

Tracy and i attended Josie's IEP (Individual Education Plan for Josie's physical needs at school) yearly review today. At last year's review we were on the fence as to whether we needed to keep one in place for her cuase she needed very little assistance at school. We decided today that Josie no longer needs to have an active IEP. We only identified two potential concerns for next year and that is the school will provide a step stool at the water fountain so Josie can reach. and we're not sure yet how the lunch room situation will work - she is still so short that she may have to reach up to push her tray of food down the line, and how she will do walking with a tray full of food. But kindergarteners practice going through the lunch line, etc, near the end of the year. Regardless, there are several para's in the lunch room who will be happy to help Josie if needed. So... no more IEP!!

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