Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Yes, Mr. President..."

Okay, so it wasn't like that, but i received a really cool phone call today at work. "yes, this is [so and so] from the US Census Bureau in Washington...". Now granted the call wasn't specificially for me, but as one of the juvenile supervisors, the receptionist transferred the call to me. This official was wanting to know the status of a particular group home for boys here in Topeka that they have lost correspondence with. So i felt pretty important, none-the-less, to get this information tracked down and back to her. As trivial as the call probably was, i had never received a call from the nation's Capitol before. So i just pretended they were specifically seeking me out to give them some vital information of national security - like Tom Cruz; without the mental instability, or my boy, Nicolas Cage in National Treasure... ha. okay, i'm just kidding, but it made my day.

Not on the subject, but, i think Cami is now sick with the flu. Taylor is actually going back to school today, but he complained this morning that he was really tired. Cami has been sickly for a week or two and recently had the tell tale signs of this year's flu string, but then this morning she woke up all achey too. so i'm sure it's the flu. :-(

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